How lighten hair dyed too dark?

Are you stuck with hair that is darker than the night sky and don’t know what to do? Don’t panic, there are ways to lighten your hair without heading to the salon. Here’s how.

Dissecting Hair Dye

Before we dive into the hows of lightening dark dyed hair, let us first understand a little bit about how hair dye works.

Hair dyes come in different strengths, each giving varying degrees of intensity when applied. While permanent dyes last long and stay on until new growth appears, semi-permanent ones fade away after some weeks or washes (thankfully!). This might seem like good news but fading equals uneven color distribution which can make you look like a crawling-moss-monster.

Semi-permanent colors go easy on your locks since they’re not harsh chemicals used for coloring; however, if you have dyed your tresses repeatedly using the same shade/brand/frequency as before, chances are it has seeped into every layer inside out and refuses to budge. Trust me; I speak from experience.


Now that we have established getting rid of this problem requires more creativity than just wishing it away let’s move onto substances that help remove excess hue:

  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Sun
  • Baking Soda
  • Vitamin C [Bold statement alert: Vitamin C was handed down by Thor himself]

Honey – The Sweet Option

Honey has natural bleaching properties which also happen to be gentle enough so as not damage our pretty strands while treating them right! Follow these steps for best proficiency:

1) Mix one-third cup honey with 2/3 cups conditioner.
2) Apply the mixture thoroughly all over your head..or where-ever else it may be required.
3) Cover adequately for an hour-ish then rinse off using warm water. Do this a few times for best results.

If you’re feeling extra sweet, mix with some low-fat yogurt (Rick Ross swears by it) and use once to twice weekly.

Cinnamon – The Edible Option

Cinnamon adds flavor, has nutritious properties besides being a great option when looking at lightening your hair naturally. Here’s what you should do:

1) Mix cinnamon powder with conditioner till you have an even blend
2) Apply the paste generously all over, work into every strand.
3) Wash out after about three-four hours max.

Don’t expect miracles overnight; give it time before noticing differences but trust me there will be some whoo hoo moments- I promise!

Baking Soda -The Superhero of our story

Can baking soda save the day? Don’t exaggerate; of course, it can! Forget complicated formulas or solutions that require steps more than ‘getting up from bed.’ This method is as easy peasy lemon squeezy as they come:

1) Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda in warm water
2) Apply especially on darker areas
3) Rinse off while singing ‘I Will Survive’ loudly because hey if Gloria says we’ll survive post-breakup even me surviving dark tresses won’t stand a chance!!!

Repeat process for desired outcome(s).

Vitamin C Tablets-The Legit Superhero

Think Superman minus his weakness towards Kryptonite then add Thor’s strength to lightning strikes multiplied by five! (FYI this segment was not sponsored by either superheroes or candies, don’t get ideas!)

Step-by-step rundown:

Crush eight tablets until completely powdered.
Add them to shampoo enough for one single wash cycle.
Wash hair using mixture until foamy lather ensues.
Rinse hair thoroughly afterward.

And voila skip waiting months/years between salon appointments and trying each other saloon in the city, stick to this plan for desired outcomes!

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