How is vitaros applied?

If you or your partner suffer from erectile dysfunction, chances are you have heard of Vitaros. This topical cream is a medication that can help stimulate blood flow to the penis and give men stronger and longer-lasting erections. But how exactly do you use it? Fear not, dear reader! In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at what Vitaros is, how it works, and most importantly – how to apply it.

First things first: What is Vitaros?

Before discussing its application process, let’s dive into the basics of what Vitaros actually does. As mentioned above, it’s a medication designed for treating erectile dysfunction by helping stimulate blood flow towards the genitals using alprostadil as the active ingredient. Chances are You’ve already tried other pills like Sildenafil (generic Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis) but suppositories seem too invasive– even if they’re really much less uncomfortable than electric chairs-, so here comes vytarso-the solution between those two options.

Applying Vytarso – Simple Steps:

Step 1: Getting prepared

First thing first, ensure your hands are clean before handling anything else-. Avoid spicy food beforehand just to be safe!. Remember: Always read instructions on medicine labels and packaging carefully before use.

Step 2: Excuse yourself for having a moment with yourself:

The second step would be finding privacy in-order to apply Vytoras without interruption.It can get awkward If uninvited guests walk-in eagerly.You do want all attention given only focused on ‘it’.

Step 3: Open The Package

Open up our package containing one single-use applicator containing about half a gram of cream inside.

Things required
Viatros appliacator(single-use)
Clean Hands

Step 4: Gently applying the cream

Gently squeeze the cream onto your fingertip, and then apply it to the tip of your penis directly. The amount of Vitaros you need will depend on how much stimulation is needed for optimal performance-. Play around with doses until Oomph! Is felt.– Remember, less isn’t always more in EVERY situation.

Step 5: Ready To Engage!

Wait about five to thirty minutes after application before engaging in sexual activity – this gives enough time for blood vessels to dilate, a condition that encourages healthy blood flow-required when experiencing maximum results Also note that like other ED medications, Vitaros needs proper stimulation through arousal,-to avoid ‘What’s Taking So Long’ moments.It works not just on its own.

Does it really work?

Yes! In clinical studies, up to eighty percent of men using Vitaros experienced an improvement in their erections within thirty minutes or less. That’s why patient reviews show they feel happy as clams after each use., They express gratitude towards being able reach full mast just like everyone else would naturally.

Who can use Vytarso ?

Like all medical procedures and treatments out there,talking with a licensed physician beforehand allows-one-to make informed decisions regarding one’s health.You do want All measures taken into consideration from mild symptoms such as emotional stress , nutrition habits,to underlying conditions.Let us also remembering why we highlighted clean hands earlier-this medication should only be used by those adults who are fit as fiddles; otherwise let themselves heal first before experimenting down under.

But Wait…

Before running off purchasing yourself some Vytoras online-we prefer pharmacies!-,note some prevalent side effects which may ensue during application.Though nothing too harmful (- We pinkie swear), please inform a doctor if any irritation occurs.On that note, most common symptoms include but aren’t limited to head spinning,a mild burning sensation and low blood pressure.- But as they say- No pain ,No Gain- or was it-no risk no return? Either way take things one step at a time.


In summary, Vitaros is an effective topical medication for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Its active ingredient Alprostadil works by increasing blood flow to the penis for stronger,longer-lasting erections.So far reviewed comments paint it well,but like all things in life-proper handling of what goes into our delicate flesh suit can prevent many undesired situations from occuring.Gloves could even help! Knowing how to properly apply it is important before jumping right into action giving us hope there’s light at the end of a tunnel.In conclusion,follow instructions carefully(we don’t have any spare parts afterall!), Have fun engaging safely,(consent,everyone!)and cautious approach never hurts anyone (doctors notes being an example!). Woohoo!

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