How is contrave prescribed?

If you’re anything like me, the last time you heard about a prescription drug was when your grandma showed off her new pill organizer. But what if I told you there’s a new kid on the block shaking things up? Well, folks, sit back and relax because today we will be talking about how Contrave is prescribed.

What is Contrave Exactly?

Before we get into it all let me give you some background information on this magical little pill. Contrave consists of two active ingredients: bupropion and naltrexone. Bupropion is an antidepressant while naltrexone reduces cravings for food and alcohol (basically my dream come true). These two form a perfect match which helps suppress appetite, burn fat while also reducing alcohol intake in those who struggle with binge drinking habits.

Who can take Contrave?

The best part about Contrave is that most overweight patients are eligible to consume it as long as they are consistent with exercising and consuming a healthy diet. Obviously, it goes without saying that pregnancy or breastfeeding women should stay away from taking any medication without consulting their doctors first—unless they want tiny humans to pop out looking like they’ve been hitting the gym 24/7.

Onto the Good Stuff – How to Get Your Hands on Some

Now that we have established who can actually take Contrace, let’s delve deeper into ‘how.’ By law, Contrave cannot be obtained over-the-counter; patients must visit their doctor’s office first before being given access to this miracle worker—no shady transactions here please!

Schedule An Appointment With Your Doctor

This process usually starts through making contact with one’s healthcare provider via phone call or online/outpatient portal. It might help mentioning beforehand why one would like to specifically try “Contrave.” They will then guide them according to so-called “in-person visits,” that may include physical check-ups and weigh-ins. Trust us on this one, they cannot just give it out willy-nilly.

The Consultation Process

Their doctor advises patients not to take Contrave if:

  • They have uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Suffer from seizures or eating disorders (oops)
  • Have used other prescription weight-loss drugs in the past few months
  • Take opioids or street drugs regularly

During the consultation process, health professionals inquire about several things such as:

  1. Medical history; including any previous psychiatric illnesses and drug/alcohol issues.
  2. Current medications; which might interact with Contrave such as tranquilizers (Ahem Xanax!) or products containing caffeine.
  3. Family history of alcohol abuse/addiction/problematic food habits etc.

Surprisingly enough, doctors also go through how much money patients would be willing to spend (I mean who wouldn’t want a pill that costs pennies right?). Though insurance policies cover most treatments, some fall under “pay-pockets” so it’s essential to make sure you’re comfortable with your options first-hand.

Dosage & How To Consume Contrave (No Freaking Smoothies People)

The standard dosage for Contrave is two pills twice daily making a total of four tablets per day—can we say party time? Nonetheless, doses can vary depending on factors like starting weight/height and body mass index(BMI). It’s recommended people take these tablets with meals to avoid stomach discomfort best described as “Mighty Mouse is flexing inside me.”

Doctors do emphasize following specific dosages divided throughout the day rather than taking all at once—for those who don’t know their mathematical multiplication tables us English majors will help you out here: THE DOSES NEED TO BE SPACED OUT PEOPLE!

Compliance Check-up Time

After approximately twelve weeks have gone by since undergoing this plan, patients must pay their lovely-doctor another visit; this consultation would include measuring progress in terms of weight loss as well any side effects reported during consumption. Depending on the situation, doses might be increased/decreased or altogether terminated—it’s like a job review!


In conclusion, it can undoubtedly be said Contrave is changing people’s lives through its effective and safe treatments encouraging healthy lifestyle choices (and fewer trips to McDonald’s). This pill may not work for everyone out there but we cannot deny the significant impact it has within the world of obesity treatment drugs.

Let me end with some food for thought though (winks)—knowing these facts doesn’t give anyone consent to just push up against their doctors and prescription meds as if they were handing out lollipops at Disney World..remember my fellow earthlings, these medications are designed specifically for our bodies so let’s tread lightly and keep ourselves happy AND healthy—one size does not fit all folks!

That being said, cheers to living centuries using science—we’ll leave nature alone for now!

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