How is colitis caused?

Have you been experiencing pain in your abdomen, diarrhea and cramping? Do you feel like there’s a volcano about to erupt in your stomach? Well, buckle up pal because it sounds like you might have colitis. But how did this happen? What triggered the eruption of hellfire within your gut? In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know on how colitis is caused.

The basis of Colitis

Before we dive deep into the causes of colitis, let’s first define what it is. Colitis occurs when the inner lining of your colon becomes inflamed or irritated. It can either be acute (short-lived) or chronic (long-term persistence) and affects everyone from infants to adults.

There are different types of colitis, including Ulcerative COLITIS which typically only affects the large intestine or rectum but can get worse over time and spread throughout other areas; Crohn’s DISEASE which involves inflammation in virtually any part along with gastrointestinal tract from mouth down till anus while affecting few regions severely compared to others ain’t no joke too; Microscopic COLITIS where an examination reveals certain characteristics that seem abnormal even though they may not appear usual.


It’s believed that inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which includes ulcerative colitis & crohns disease could be the cause though external factors such as bacterial infections; stress levels resulting constant high-level cortisol production via hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis similar issues leading way for MS exacerbations manifesting themselves as relapsing-remitting with gradually increasing progression rate [1][2].

Risk Factors:

Several situations influence trouble-making flares possible onset,


  • Genetics – Your loved ones could’ve Passed those genes onto ya;
  • Age- Gonna sad if I say old folks aren’t exempted too eh?
  • Cigarette smoking (yeah surprised you huh?) makes it worse;
  • Certain medications or even vaccines [3];


When your colon is blowing fire, the last thing on your mind should be a possibility of more complications. But it’s important to know that colitis can come with other complications such as:

• Massive bleeding. Can argue about anything being cool, but this sure ain’t one!

• Arthritis – Yeah welcome to the club of painful eff-ing inflammation too.

With these down pat, let’s hop onto some major causes triggering colitis :

Immune system

The human body has the most sophisticated and incredible mechanism possible… until it isn’t. Your immune system usually defends itself against viruses and bacteria that could potentially harm it; still Sometimes instead of fighting off naturally occurring cells in our eukaryotic fauna i.e “Self-cells,” an agent overreacts targeting innocent bystanders thinking they’re foreign invaders thus stimulating cellular trauma leading way for troubles mainly falling under inflammatory bowel disease including Colitis.

1) Abnormal Autoimmune Response(Sewen et al.,2019)
A person may declare War on themselves if their inner lining attracts white blood cells from an autoimmune response, aiming to protect against pathogens rushing flood gates down when there is none which then causes suppression inviting delay in healing , resulting in prolonged inflammation causing colitis etc;

2) Viruses (Haffajee et al.,2020 )
Many forms of DNA related viruses are equally culprits worsening colonic outer tissue damage taking place affecting lymphoid follicles epithelium eventually accumulating massive debris accumulation damaging intestinal Inflammatory bowel disorder compromised immune systems often linkages begin at respiratory tract infections commonly associated with colds/throat problems exacerbating enterocolotis(i.e inflammatory condition);

Environmental Factors

It’s not always just what’s happening inside you that triggers colitis; outside factors can also be contributing to this troublesome issue.

1) Unhygienic Lifestlye choices( Currò et al., 2019)
When you’re into hygiene famine rather than feast, the bacteria is more likely to grow and proliferate eventually over-growing in numbers that usually pose gut discomfort resulting from poor managed diets/mainly SAD ones i.e Standard American Diet ;

2) Intestinal microflora imbalance( Borren et al.,2001 )
Sometimes, what should have been the backbone of healthy defences fails miserably. imbalanced intestinal bacterial population recruits immune cells leading way for inflammation.

Food Habits

Now let’s take a look at how your food heaven becomes your colitis hell!


Someone once said: “We are what we eat.” Well, if you’re suffering from colitis, then it might be safe to say that you’re living inside Satan’s stomach because he eats up everybody!

Here are some common IBD trigger foods:

  • Dairy products which include milk cheese and the likes as many people become lactose intolerant unable to process lactase causing bloating , diarrhoea etc;

  • Spicy condiments including peppers/curry powder/horseradish/wasabi etc triggering fiery bowel movements popping out undesirable symptoms;

  • Mediterranean diet – Some studies suggest consumer consumption shifting towards Med terranean style leads better effects compared with Westernized diet regime [9].

Eating clean doesn’t mean eating tasteless; Switching over maintaining diets taught by qualified nutritionists routinely able explain signs faster improve quality satisfaction .

Also worth mentioning :

3) Sugar intake
The saying anything in excess no good exists for multiple reasons? well yeah sugar ain’t making life any easier for individuals already struggling with colonic cancer related illnesses effect comes about carrying dual burden (Jowett 2020);

4) Alcohol consumption
To the spirits aficionados, count your drinks! Overdoing it leads to increased inflammation in your gut lining resulting to development of colitis.


I’m sure this one will come as no surprise, but those pills labeled “antibiotics” have more power than you think- exposing a double-edged sword ; while they can get rid of harmful bacteria that could trigger certain infections and ailments within patients; antibiotics leave the individual vulnerable developing quite possible recurring flair from colonic sidewall damage

Stress Level

When people say stress is bad for one’s health, believe them by all means cus IT IS!!. A few scientific terms headlining cortisol ( “stress hormone”) may be affected at higher or lower levels when someone has experienced chronic high tension low sensory stimulus periods

Resulting inflammatory boweler;

Theoretically(in some cases where subjects showed such behaviour) overproduction/disproportionate decrease thereof influence bowel movement patterns causing discomfort Ranging serious intestinal condition.

  • Important tips:

Taking time off engaging relaxing regimes including Yoga classes/choir etc somewhat help increase relaxation response inside external systems necessary comfort.


If lifestyle changes are ineffective, seeing General practitioners/dieticians or gastroenterologists specialist first prescribed medication testing measures exist alongside treatment options helping individuals cope better with IBD-related illnesses effects .

So here we go with pretty much everything you need know about The most probable triggers that lead way for Flares primarily associated with colitis, so perhaps next time ya try out Olive oil-feta pasta hold on counting out oregano till ya info stock check ensuring sustainability!. Remember if You’re experiencing any aggressive Gut symptoms promptly let GP know decision ASAP.

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