How fast does instacart deliver?

Are you hungry and in a rush? Are you craving munchies or wine, but can’t leave the house to get them yourself? Fear not my famished and thirsty friend! You can have your groceries brought right to your doorstep with Instacart. But how fast will it take for you to receive your delivery?

Placing an Instacart Order

Before we dive into how long it takes for an Instacart order to be delivered, let’s talk about placing an order. First things first – make sure that Instacart is available in your area by checking their website. If they do offer their services locally then simply create an account (or sign in if you already have one), select the store of choice (e.g., Walmart, Safeway) and proceed with adding items.

Once all necessary items are added onto your cart, review the list and hit place order. It really couldn’t be any easier!


If you’re unsure what snacks or drinks should go on that elusive list don’t hesitate to ask our favorite personal assistant Siri!


The Wait Begins

So now that we’ve placed our order the waiting game begins. You may find yourself pacing around anxiously whilst staring at photos submitted by other users..

But worry not as once payment is processed, partnered shoppers are notified immediately of new orders through their smartphone devices. These masked wanderers will race around picking up all required items from different sections within stores.

I’m talking ninja-fast style shopping here people!

After carefully packing non-perishable goods along with fruits/fresh vegetables etc, shoppers then get in line for checkout. After all bills are settled, the driver receives another notification that their order is ready to be picked up.

This time period varies depending on how many people have placed orders and the distance between the store and you. You may notice an estimated delivery window on your app which can change throughout due to certain unforeseeable circumstances.

How Fast Does Instacart Deliver?

Now coming back to our initial question; how fast does Instacart deliver?

It differs from location, traffic conditions etc, but deliveries usually take anywhere from 30 minutes upto an hour after checkout!


Make sure there’s someone available at the registered address as your shopper will contact you before attempting a delivery.

If items are out of stock, shoppers will notify customers through text messages or calls so make sure adding substitute options/asking if they’re available beforehand. Alternatively shoppers may go by their best judgment But don’t panic! If an item is not found or delivered late, refunds are issued. Yep, no need to keep crying over spilt milk since when-instead-where.


Enlisted below are average time periods taken for some widely used online grocery stores

Online Store Delivery Time Period
Amazon Prime Pantry Next Day
Peapod Next Day
Walmart Grocery Same day
Fresh Direct (NY based) Same day

Note: Prices and shipping rates vary.

Delivery Services Explained

There exist different types of delivery services offeredALSO popularly known as INSTACART EXPRESS service:- allowing deliveries within two-hours once subscribed monthly/yearly.-OR boosting you up with priority status giving speedy access along-in off peak hours!

On-time statements depend also upon areas where one dwells, rest assured customer reviews can help determine delivery pace in your neighborhood.

Bullet list:

Let’s take a quick look at some of the factors that may influence how fast Instacart delivers:

  • Time & Day of Delivery
  • Number of Shoppers on Duty
  • Location: Rural vs Urban Areas
  • Type of Payment


So there you have it folks, we hope this article has helped answer all questions around how fast Instacart delivers. With speedy and efficient browsing making purchases; getting groceries delivered on time should be no sweat!

Remember to review receipt for accuracy once items are received, point out any erroneous information or defects as returns/refunds can also happen within 24 hours. You know what they say, “A rolling cart gathers no moss.” Let’s not keep waiting – it’s our final lap!

It is best practice to check prices with conditions before committing to payment.

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