How epsom salt works?

Have you ever heard of Epsom salt? If not, where have you been living all your life? Under a rock?

Okay, fine. Maybe it’s just me who gets overly excited about things that seem to come out of nowhere and become the next big health fad. But whether or not you’re on board with the latest trends, there’s no denying that Epsom salt is something worth considering.

But wait. What exactly is Epsom salt again? And how does it work? Fear not, dear reader. I’m here to help answer those burning questions.

What Is Epsom Salt?

First things first: let’s chat about what we’re actually talking about here. Epsom salt (which technically isn’t even a salt) is made up of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (try saying that five times fast) crystals.

Wow! That sounds fancy and scientific! Can someone break it down for me in simpler terms please?

Sure thing! Basically, magnesium and sulfate are two essential minerals that support several bodily functions, from nerve and muscle function to blood pressure maintenance (come on now people- gosh darn important stuff!) . When these minerals are combined in their supercharged crystal form aka epsom salts…well then sht gets surreal!

Eh-em anyway…back to topic; when tossed into warm bath water, they may be absorbed through our pores which can lead –> Whoa whoa whoaaaa TMI!!! Fine I get we absorb some cool Magnesium hocus pocus…. but what happens next??

So How Does It Work?

Ah yes! My favorite question because honestly we’d be clueless without an explanation right?!

When dissolved in water and absorbed through the skin during a bath like I previously mentioned (“you’re welcome” by the way) , epsom salt is thought to draw out toxins from our bodies and reduce inflammation (“blah blah blah”, sounds boring). Pretty sweet, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. Epsom salt has a multitude of other benefits too that can help treat several health conditions like constipation (yes we’re going there…) , insomia, anxiety, cramps and much more.

How Do I Use Epsom Salt?

Lucky for you, epsom salt is some kind of miracle juice.. couldn’t be easier!

One popular way to use epsom salt is to toss 2 cups into a warm bath and take a soak! You can find an array of pre-mixed epsom salt products at your nearest drug store or supermarket but if you’re feeling creative then try making your own by adding herbs + essential oils… Boom Shakalaka!

If you’re experiencing constipation (oh yaaaaawn) (sorry had to say it), dissolve an 8-ounce glass worth of the crystals in water; drink up quick as epsomite isn’t exactly known for its tastiness (“think molten pennies with a hint of rotten bananas although this author does not have any personal experience consuming said product but c’mon really just google how they look”)

Some even use Epsom Salt as garden fertilizer — The World Is Your Oyster Kids!

Here are some other ways people like using Epsom Salt:

  • As part of their skincare regimen.
  • A muscle-relaxing foot soak after exercise.
  • Soaking painful splinters before removal.
  • Insect Bite Remedy
  • Post Shower Exfoliator
    …and likely many more undetected secrets throughout culture since the beginning eras gone.Innovation guys..innovation!!

The list goes on and on without including possible new usage discovered somewhere around the world while reading this article which brings us back full circle….

Epsom salt is not just another trendy health fad. It’s been used for centuries, with a plethora of benefits that can help improve your physical and mental well-being- sheesh what are you waiting for? The magnitude by which epsomite crystals can add to your life will be serendipitous!

Hey-o – Don’t say I never shared anything useful with ya…and next time we’ll talk about the science behind why the sky’s blue because honestly who actually knows?

Catch ya later peeps!