How does urine smell when your pregnant?

Have you been experiencing changes in your body odor? Noticed that your urine is smelling more pungent than usual? Well don’t worry, you’re not alone! As strange as it may sound, changes in urine smell are a common and completely normal occurrence during pregnancy. Here’s everything you need to know about why this happens and what it means.

What Causes Changes In Urine Smell During Pregnancy?

There are a few different factors that contribute to the changes in urine smell that many pregnant women experience. Let’s take a closer look at each one:


As with many other bodily changes during pregnancy, hormones play a major role. In particular, increased levels of estrogen can increase the amount of blood flow to your kidneys and result in more frequent urination. This could mean that you’re noticing odors from your own urine more often than usual.


Dehydration can also affect the way your urine smells. If you’re not drinking enough fluids throughout the day (which is especially important during pregnancy), your body will produce less urine overall which can lead to concentrated or stronger-smelling pee.

Dietary Changes

Lastly, some experts believe that dietary changes during pregnancy might impact the way that our bodies process waste products like urea (which gives off ammonia-type smells). If you’ve been eating differently since becoming pregnant, this could be contributing to any unusual smells coming from down below.

Now that we know what causes these shifts in odor change let’s delve deeper into how they manifest themselves through significant alterations for those expecting!

Common Urinary Tract Symptoms That Occur During Pregnancy Related To Odor

Changes to urinary tract symptoms experienced have various connections with growth occurring within one’s body and explains typical side effects such as nausea morning sickness peripheral edema varicose veins angina – just ignore all of THAT! We’re talking about urine!

Typical urinary tract symptoms include foul smelling colors; strong , pungent odor commonly described as similar to the scent of ammonia. An overwhelming and authoritative funky smell you might recognize from that unexpected surprise on a humid day when you open your car door after parking it for hours in direct sunlight. Noticing any blood or cloudy, milky looking substances is also something worth bringing up with your doctor.

But What’s Normal?

It’s important to note while changes in scent during pregnancy are expected however there are still certain complications which would be caused by unhealthy bacteria growth within the system and lead to serious issues such as UTIs( Urinary Tract Infections) so pay attention!

Signs It May Be Time To Visit The Doctor

We can’t emphasize this enough – if at any point during your pregnancy you become concerned regarding sudden changes and/or powerful alterations related to urination please go get checked out ASAP… Urine-related issues seem pretty common effect yet not addressing them could end up making matters much worse particularly obstinate UTI infections.

Here we’ve listed several red flags, which indicate it may be necessary:

  • Painful urination
  • Burning sensation
  • Itching feeling down below
  • Nausea/vomiting with no other explanation behind cause
  • Fever aka body temperature exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Although experiencing these indicators doesn’t signal an underlying problem sometimes people overlook possible links between multiple symptoms believing they just “issued” originating from illnesses experienced normally.

Remedies You Can Take At Home To Alleviate Strong Odors

Fortunately there are ways alleviate unfavorable aroma(s) coming emanating from oneself. By taking actions steps listed below should help restrict possibilities of dealing with further challenges moving forward:

Drink Plenty Of Water & Education On Liquid Consumption Amounts:

Drinking plenty water staying hydrated throughout day seems helpful utilization tool since amount inflammation (my personal word for excess waste and bacteria) circulated will help reduce overall odor.. (My theory is that it “flushes the system” but we’ll leave the scientific explanation up to the experts!).

Education behind how much liquids should be consumed daily varies depending on multiple factors such as body weight height age etc some estimate between 8-10 glasses per day. Recommendation is have public restroom saved in your phone GPS if you are going to decide follow aforementioned advice.

Look Into Foods That Help Combat Smelly Urine

There even exists a list of foods that can aid decreasing smell emanating from urine during pregnancy. These foods weigh down inflammation typically causes overwhelming scent so eating them more often helps! (caveat – while these suggestions claim may aide in reducing stand-out odor, absolutely verify which consume with medical practitioner first before making significant dietary changes lest they negatively affect mother or baby)

Examples Of Potential Strengthening Food Choices Include:
– Ginger
– Yogurt
– Parsley
– Cucumber: probiotics , minerals; easily digested food source increasing water content by using materials like cereals smoothie bowls .
Please note again let doctor know any family history allergies related prior indulging.

Quick Tips For Temporary Relief:

Sometimes just one time relief might mean difference… The following could temporarily improve quality life when experiencing strong smells originating due any reason

-Take cold shower before heading off orientation circles.
-Sprinkle sea salt or kosher salt directly over private areas after cleaning changing clothes sometimes removing underwear altogether … creates an environment where harmful bacteria can’t grow leaving clean sweet smelling parts!
-Clean every surface, especially below belt area & replace clothes used once already then wash with warm, soap heavy detergent rinsed thoroughly no residue left crusty bits!

Final Thoughts On Pungent Pregnancy Pee

Hopefully this guide helped enlighten anyone who has been scratching their head wondering why their pee possibly smells different after becoming pregnant! Remember that changes in urine odor are completely normal during this time, but anything extreme or worrisome should definitely be brought up with a medical professional. If you’re just looking for some relief from the smells, drinking more water and eating certain foods might help – but don’t forget to take care of yourself overall too!