How does the 1800 contacts eye exam work?

So, you want to know how our little eye exam gets your prescription spot-on every time? Well, saddle up and get ready for a wild ride. We’re about to take a journey through the ins and outs of ocular measurement technology!

First Thing’s First: What is an Eye Exam?

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, let’s start with the basics. An eye exam is a regular medical check-up that measures several aspects of your vision.

A typical exam includes tests to measure:

  • Your visual acuity (the clarity of your sight at distances)
  • Your intraocular pressure
  • The curvature of your cornea
  • The refractive error in each eye

All these measurements help us determine if there are any structural or functional issues within your eyes or surrounding tissues.

‘Refractive Error?’ You Lost Me Already…

Ahem! Sorry about that. Sometimes we forget that not everyone spends their days staring into crispy-clear lenses like we do here at 1800 Contacts.

When someone talks about refractive error, they’re referring to one or more vision problems caused by the way light bends as it enters your eyes. It creates all kinds of fun things like blurriness, double images, sensitivity to glare—the list goes on!

The three most common types of refractive errors are:

  1. Myopia (nearsightedness): when objects up close appear clear while far away objects appear blurry.
  2. Hyperopia (farsightedness): when far away objects look sharp but nearby ones become fuzzy.
  3. Astigmatism (blurred/distorted vision): usually caused by misshapen corneas or lenses.

Enter: The Refraction Test

Now that we have all those fancy words out of the way—we can dive right into what makes the 1800 Contacts Eye Exam different from your typical optometrist visit.

The refraction test is what we use to measure exactly how much light bends when it enters each of your eyes. In technical terms, this test helps determine the ocular refractive power.

We start by putting a sophisticated machine (much fancier than the ones you’ll find at Walmart or Walgreens) in front of you called an autorefractor. This smart little gadget sends light into your peepers and measures how it bounces back out.

After checking both eyes individually, our system will tell us if there’s any significant differences between them. With that information, we can make special adjustments to ensure that everything looks just as clear and crisp through whichever contact lens prescription we end up furnishing for you!

From Retina to Algorithm: How We Get Your Prescription

Did someone say algorithms?! Why yes—I’m glad you asked! You’ve probably heard of some pretty advanced AI-powered systems lately, well here at 1800 Contacts—we’ve got one too!

We take all the data collected during your exam (like corneal curvature measurements) along with other factors such as age and distance prescriptions to create a precise three dimensional map of each eye using something called ‘wavefront analysis’.

This ultra-precise digital imprint helps inform our state-of-the-art propriety software algorithm which calculates precisely what prescription will help give you perfect vision clarity! Is this wizardry? Science? I don’t know but it certainly freaks customers right on out trying to explain it!

Okay Okay—But How Long Does It Take?

Not long at all! Between prepping paperwork beforehand online and satiating those burning questions off-line—it normally takes around thirty minutes total time including setup and explanation after testing.

Nothing compares to rolling onto our website taking their short quiz & receiving 2 whole weeks worth of trial eyewear at no charge! Get it together y’all.

Otoscope, Oh My!

What?! No we’re not trying to scare you—we just love our fancy words over here.

Before we let you take those contacts back out into the wild, our experts will double check your eyes head-to-toe (or ear canal?) with a device called an otoscope. This little guy illuminates the inner and outer workings of an ear with its tiny flashlight shaped like a funnel.

Once they’ve finished checking every possible part that’s visible—they’ll give their final stamp of approval for tossing on contact lenses without fear or hesitation.

Conclusion—Does It Even Work?

Absolutely! Our doctors justify calling what we do as revolutionary, making strides in ensuring lucidity through contemporary technology & innovation takes center stage when it comes to prescription glasses/contacts these days.

We guarantee customer satisfaction 99.9% percent of time anyway; if there are any issues whatsoever, customers can always exchange their products no questions asked!

Now that we’ve thoroughly explained how our exam works—I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to schedule one yourself…right? Right? Well whether it’s today or tomorrow—just know upon booking you’ll be getting quality service & premier care from some pretty incredible professionals!

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