How does someone get tourettes?

If you’re wondering whether cursing uncontrollably in public is a sign of Tourette’s syndrome, let me tell you that it’s more to it than just that. Tourette’s (or TS) can be complex and unpredictable. It involves tics- sudden, repetitive movements or sounds that people feel like they have no control over.

So how does someone get diagnosed with this condition?

The dictionary definition of Tourettes

Before we dive deep into the causes or symptoms of TS, let us first understand what exactly the term means.

Tourettes, also known as Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (named for the French neurologist who described its signs and symptoms), is a neurological condition characterized by gazillions small involuntary repetitive muscle movements or vocalizations called “tics.” These tics may involve blinking your eyes repeatedly, shrugging your shoulders emphatically every couple seconds, clearing your throat loudly all day long …You name it! It’s basically like having an annoying song stuck in your head but one where you are forced to physically play along with unnecessary actions attached.

Well without placing blame on any one individual social factor/group I must say there isn’t always a clear answer to this question some believe cases run thicker through family lines others opine environment plays a role while being hereditary generated one possibility could be, genetics seems involved since kids born from parents suffering from tic disorders tend tend higher toward risk (See note below) but still hard data behind this theory remains unconfirmed.

Most individuals try to deny their habits been anytime sooner than they manage neverthemore certain interesting patterns appear around Childhood years particularly between ages ranging between five-fifteen if not yet visible / often occurs at age six-seven necessitating medical intervention/ late onset though possible is rare

Just like different people have varying personalities, it’s not all the same root causes that trigger tics in TS individuals. So what can provoke these symptoms?

Stress: Stressful situations could bring about heightened cases of Tourettes

Fatigue: Sleepless nights or overworking oneself could cause a strain thus exacerbating signs

Excitement/dramatic discomfort: Again stimulation overstimulates

As soon as the worries keep hovering around and fail to subside its wise medical attention sought.

Proper diagnosis requires expert assessment by neurologists to delineate cases of motor and vocal tics aligning with clinical criteria specified for diagnosis (see note below) criteraes . Sometimes brain imaging tests are also used to rule out other possible underlying disorders causing similar syndromes.

Associated Illnesses

In some instances, several health problems come along with TS- co-morbidities- such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD), anxiety or depression just but listing important few..(see note below)

While no known actual cure for neural irregularities implicated researchers continually search on best interventions that will manage signs efficiently helping better quality daily living.

Although many individuals exhibit an extensive range of diverse behaviours common types exist action-wise which include simple/motor phases plus ones involving vocal sounds.No two individual appears identical while manifestation during convulsion represent unique pattern belonging specifically them.

Some common forms encompass: See Note

Simple/Motor Vocal
Eye blinking Coughing
Rapid eyebrow movement Sniffing/Stuttering
Shoulder shrugging Clearing Throat / Whistling

If you’re wondering whether cursing uncontrollably is a sign of Tourette’s, let me tell you that it’s more to this than just that. Like some individuals solely presenting one kind hesitation repeating actions not necessarily outright swearing fits.

In conclusion, diagnosing TS isn’t entirely straightforward since its symptoms vary from person to person. It remains critical seeking expert medical attention once diagnosis feeling necessary never flipside self-treatment staying away absurd bogus ideas on instant cure avoidable.


  • Please note well all names used purely for comical entertainment purposes and in no way aims at denigrating anyone living or deceased.
  • In youngsters with motor/vocal tics occurring singly or in combination probability exists such confounded by various psychiatric disturbances (Obsessive compulsive disorder/ADHD/anxiety) resulting interfered daily activities hence diagnostic investigations recommend promptly initiated
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) requires multiple motor tics plus a minimum of one vocal tic present over twelve months duration professional assistance admitted officially indicating TS ailment
  • Other forms exist outside the ones listed above but these represent frequently exhibited kinds amongst Tourettes patients

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