How does pills work to prevent pregnancy?

Are you tired of having a bun in the oven? Or maybe two, or three? Well fear not my fertile friend, because pills are here to save the day! But how exactly do these tiny little tablets prevent pregnancy from happening? Read on, and we’ll break it down for ya.


First things first: there are many different types of pills out there. So before we dive into how they work, let’s quickly go over what they are. Birth control pills come in two main varieties: combination hormone pills and progestin-only pills (also known as mini-pills). Combination hormone pills contain both estrogen and progestin hormones; some brands offer 21 days of active pill-taking followed by seven days off (for a period), while others have just four “reminder” inactive tablets during menstruation week (because apparently that’s all ladies need – reminders).

Progestin-only mini-pills do not contain any estrogen but only use synthetic progesterone. You take one active pill every day without a break (except when you decide to give yourself permission slip to make baby cutlery set lovers together with your life partner).

Now onto business!

Sterility Supremacy

The main objective of birth control medication is stopping eggs’ ovulation from reaching sperm during intercourse liaison by keeping genital conditions sterile. A woman usually releases an egg each month around day 14 if menstrual cycles last roughly every 28-30 days (some women may vary) – this event is called ‘ovulation.’ If she has sex within five up-to-seven days before ovulating or on that very exact moment itself, sperm may fertilize her egg(s). This union will result in creating another member for United States population census statistics which adds unnecessarily high stress since raising children costs approximately $233k per child till age eighteen, according to USA Today.

So, what’s the solution? Stop ovulation from ever happening. Luckily for us, this is where birth control pills come in handy (unlike your dependably barren ex who promised you eternal servitude without any divorce or alimony settlement).

A Hormonal Halt

Estrogen and progesterone are female hormones that maintain menstrual cycles and allow pregnancy to occur when an egg gets fertilized by a sperm. Birth control medicine copies our usual hormone level scenarios by tricking your body into believing it has already released an egg until after five-seven days of active pill-taking, repetitively giving synthetic estrogen and progestin or just progestin.

This trickery prevents ovaries from releasing eggs on their regular schedule by halting luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion. Without LH eggs don’t mature properly in follicles leading to no viable eggs capable of conception (bye bye fertility). The combined hormonal contraceptive pills also alter cervical mucus making it ultra-thick – sperm hate such textures; they’ll find other pastures (they’re super picky swimmers).

Progestin-only options use the same principal but have slightly different timelines due to dosage levels involved(all choices are weirdly shaped like Tylenol tablets minus headache)!

Popularity Perspectives

According to statistical surveys conducted recently, about 25% of sexually active women ages 15-44 were using birth control pills as their primary form of contraception during intimacy rendezvous (while some feminists say enough with sex-specific responsibilities, males should take equal blame – hence male birth-control study looking forward).

Women give different reasons for choosing these oral contraceptives:

Effective Efficacy

The Pill offers more than 99 percent effectiveness at preventing pregnancies when used correctly every day (Although make sure you use them religiously!).

Medical Benefits

It minimizes certain cancer types occurrences — ovarian/uterine cancers, anemia caused by iron deficiency, and reduces risk of ectopic pregnancies (and less potential stress during periods while mood swings are at all-time high).

Modern Lifestyle

It’s discreet and last-minute-applicable if your night-out happens to be more than just fun with friends. Plus (the best part) it doesn’t interfere with intimacy chemistry (like condoms do).

Quick Facts

Here are several quick-drop-pill facts that you should know:

  • Benefits from birth control pills in such as overall pregnancy prevention rates/ certain medical benefits may vary depending on brands and user consistency.
  • Combination hormone versions have a shorter window period before their sexual effectiveness kicks-in among first-time pill takers: one full week required for protection purposes versus mini-progestin-pills’ two-day shield waiting time.
  • Remember our mentions earlier about LH halting? Birth control pills interact primarily when taking during early-mid menstrual cycle. (So wait till the appropriate timing! Avoid haste! Safe sex is needed – without fail or excuses).

Sperm Spatial Awareness Puns

Going back to sperm avoiding cervical mucus topic,

Did you know?

  1. The cervix secretes additional soft and slippery sticky substance upon getting sexually aroused – ironically helping sperm mobility access upwards towards fallopian tubes.

  2. Maybe more creepily interestingly, research shows that ejaculation creates spatial maps which help newly-created sperms find previous babies likely fathered by same ejaculant source; kinda like GPS coordinates placed in-between legs on-the-go form.

User-Unfriendly Side Effects

Like all medications, oral contraceptives can come with side effects.

Here are several to keep in mind:

  • Spotting between Periods
  • Heavier/Lighter Menstrual Flow
  • Headache/Migraine Triggers
  • Changes In Mood/Sexual Drive Affected By Hormonal Imbalances

In conclusion, birth control pills are an excellent form of pregnancy prevention. They ensure sterility supremacy while maintaining hormonal balance for healthy sex management purposes.

If you’re considering going on the pill, schedule a meeting with your doctor to discuss which option may be best for your lifestyle and health status (and stop spending horrid sums in baby retail shops)!

Now go forth and have all the no-babies-allowed fun you can handle!

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