How does dimethicone kill lice?

You know that feeling of unbridled joy when you find out your kid has head lice? It’s an immediate invitation to scratch your own scalp raw, call in sick to work and prepare for the long road ahead. Not only can it be a daunting task to get rid of those pesky critters, but finding a product that is both effective and doesn’t harm your child’s sensitive skin is a challenge all its own.

Enter dimethicone!

Dimeth-what you say? Oh my friend, let me tell you about this wonder ingredient…

What Is Dimethicone?

Dimethyl polysiloxane, also known as dimethicone, is a type of silicone oil used in many personal care products such as moisturizers and hair conditioners due to its high viscosity and effectiveness in creating silky smooth textures. But did you know it can also kill lice without harming humans?

How Does It Work?

Lice breathe through small openings called spiracles on their exoskeletons. When applied to the hair and scalp as directed, dimethicone forms a coating around the insects which effectively suffocates them by clogging these openings. This means no more oxygen flows into their little bodies which causes them to croak!

Why Is It Better Than Traditional Pesticides?

The days of using harsh pesticides on our kids are over! Not only can they cause terrible skin reactions or an allergic response,but some strains have become resistant making traditional treatments ineffective. Plus who wants chemicals seeping into their bloodstream?! Not this momma bear!

Dimethicone works mechanically rather than chemically so even if some strands are immune,you should still be able beat them with enough persistence because every living creature needs air…apparently except snakes but we’ve got better things to worry about right now anyway.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

One of the best things about this product is its effectiveness. When applied, it works quickly so you can schedule that hair salon appointment you’ve been putting off for days! Leave the solution on for at least 8 hours or overnight and voila! Your kid will be lice free in no time.

What Are The Best Products With Dimethicone?

You’re in luck, there’s a plethora of dimethicone based products available today!

Licefreee Spray

This little bottle packs a punch with its patented formula using botanical oils combined with dimethicone which smells great and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth.

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel

The name alone conjures up images of happy endings but don’t let that deceive you – this potent combo of natural essentials like rosemary,citronella,sage,lavender,tea tree oil along with THE star ingredient we’re talking about has enough fight left in it to handle even stubborn little buggers.

Nix Ultra Creme Rinse

Don’t worry fellas, we’ve got one for the whole family here! Nix Ultra uses all three types of silicone (who knew?!) including good ol’ faithful dimethicone so everybody from grandpa Joe down to little Susie should have their bases covered…well their heads anyway.

How To Use Them:

Now comes the fun part – applying these oily potions onto tiny squirming targets!

1) Start by reading the directions thoroughly before beginning application as each product may have slightly different methods.

2) Section hair into smaller manageable parts in order to ensure thorough coverage. Fine tooth combs work well during application as they help spread over all strands whilst ridding some live bugs along the process giving kids an early sense victory…hopefully !

3)Apply a generous amount (but not too much), from root to tip, making sure these sneaky insects have no escape.

4) Cover the hair completely with a plastic shower cap as this will enhance efficacy by causing accumulation of heat and humidity under it, creating an inhospitable environment for lice survival.

5) Leave on for at least 8 hours or overnight then rinse thoroughly…or just let it self-rinse in bed because sometimes ya gotta pick your battles am I right?


In conclusion,Dimethicone has revolutionized the process of treating head lice. Not only is it more effective than traditional pesticides but also causes no harm to human skin.Imagine that?! We can safely rid our little ones from unwanted guests without having to worry about any sort of severe allergic reactions.

It goes without saying;”Prevention is better Than cure”, so avoid sharing brushes/clothing/accessories/hats with people who might be infected.Otherwise ,you’ll end up frantically running around trying find the perfect remedy when all you had to do was take some simple precautions.Prevention ought to be our priority given how fast headlice multiply once they’ve found their way onto a clean scalp!

So if you ever need help getting rid of those pesky intruders,try out one of these Dimethicone-based products! You won’t regret giving them a try…

P.S:Remember fighting off bug infestations isn’t permanent,so enjoy your next uneventful comb-through while listening to sweet victory playlist.But hey,don’t get too comfortable,Nature’s unpredictable,you never know what kinda pest could invade next!

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