How do you treat leukemia?

Greetings, fellow human beings! I am assuming you clicked on this article because you or someone you know has been diagnosed with leukemia. Don’t worry, we are here to help and provide insight into how one can tackle this pesky little disease like a champ!

First off, let’s get down to the basics.

What is leukemia?

In simple terms, leukemia (pronounced loo-KEE-mee-a) is cancer that affects blood-forming tissues of the body including bone marrow and lymphatic system. It primarily attacks the white blood cells which play an important role in our immune system. As if allergies weren’t enough already; your own immune system now starts attacking itself causing all sorts of fun problems!

Now that we know what we’re dealing with, let’s talk about ways to beat it.

Traditional Treatment Methods

Traditionally speaking, there are five main ways to treat leukemia:

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation therapy
  3. Stem cell transplant
  4. Immunotherapy
  5. Targeted Therapy

Let’s break them down in more detail.

Option 1: Chemotherapy

Brace yourself – this might hurt a bit!

Chemotherapy involves taking drugs that destroy rapidly dividing cells throughout your body – both healthy and unhealthy ones alike– so as to wipe out most of the leukemic cells present inside (cue puke sounds). In many cases, chemotherapy takes place over multiple cycles for maximum effect but not without its side effects such as hair loss and fatigue (the gift of self-pity never gets old).

Option 2: Radiation Therapy

Some must really love getting their tan on 😉
Radiation therapy involves high-powered energy beams such as x-rays or protons striking specific targets within your body killing any nasty cancerous mutations at work.The principle behind radiation treatment is relatively similar to Chemotherapy meanwhile electric waves are coordinated specifically with the target area, allowing higher doses of radiation to be applied only on tumors as compared to normal tissues.

Option 3: Stem Cell Transplant

Quick tip: you can always count on your trusty friend Google or perhaps even Stranger Things for more knowledge regarding these treatments behind closed doors 😉

Stem cell transplant is where healthy stem cells are transplanted into your body (via blood-forming cells donated by a donor or via matured stem cells that were previously harvested from your own bone) replacing those which have either been killed off during treatment options one and/or two^(+)

Option 4: Immunotherapy

NOTICE – this option requires sufficient amount of love for bugs!

Immunotherapy optimates efficacy when all other treatments fail. The concept here is involves using available Good bacteria bacterias fighting by boosting aspects like principles inside immune system against cancerous mutations present in patients’ bodies.

Option 5: Targeted Therapy

Calling all geeks! This one’s for you.

Targeted therapy uses drugs that target specific types of leukemic cells thereby shutting down their attributes required for further growth eventually leading them towards extinction.

Complementary Treatment

As an additional benefactor alongwith the traditional leukemia treatment there may exist some alternate home remedies following overall wellbeing such stress reduction technique , balanced diet, playing group games and getting enough restorative sleep In addition back massages,Yoga classes ‘if thats too much tranquility’, taking people out partying lol!

The goal here being full spectrum support i.e physical fitness,mental wellness, amongst others would go long way makes disease anything but unmanageable making sure not let anyone become depressed from leukemia diagnosis instead should give someone focus shifting onto how they gonna beat this disease  ! #RIPLeukemia.

Thanks for joining us today buddy – until next time!

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