How do you tear a ligament in your wrist?

Are you tired of having full range of motion in your wrist? Do you long for the pain and inconvenience that comes with a torn ligament? Fear not, dear reader! Today we will explore all the exciting ways to tear a ligament in your wrist.

What is a Ligament?

Before we dive into the various methods of tearing one, let’s define what exactly a ligament is. A ligament is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone or cartilage to cartilage. In other words, it’s what keeps everything all nice and stable in our bodies.

The Classic Fall

One tried-and-true way to tear a ligament in your wrist is by taking an epic tumble. This can occur from slipping on ice, tripping over uneven pavement, or falling off your high horse (figuratively or literally). Make sure you land just right on your outstretched hand and voila – instant injury!

However, be warned: this method may result in injuries beyond just the wrist. There’s no guarantee which body part(s) will take most of the impact during such falls but worst case scenario is ending up like Mr Bean himself!

Go Extreme!

For those who crave more excitement paired with their bodily harm: extreme sports are here for you! Many adrenaline-junkies take part in sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding which puts themselves at risk for serious injury. Want some statistics? According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine showed that skateboarders are almost four times more likely than non-skaters (1) (Not quite sure where they found these skaters….maybe they hang around skate-parks).

So strap on those knee pads and elbow pads…but skip protection for wrists because when looking straight down from mountain peaks instead of keeping composed often brings spectacular wipeouts.

Repetitive Motions

Why tear a single ligament when you can ruin them all with repetitive motion? If you regularly strain your wrist through habitual activities (such as writing, typing or even masturbating) then it’s only a matter of time before those little fibers start to unravel. Take regular breaks and stretch between each hour-long session….either way still waiting for that article about the latter.

But seriously: if your work or leisurely habits require monotonous wringing or twisting movements be sure to give your wrists (and other joints!) ample rest and overall exercise to keep functionality in check!

The Age-old Family Recipe

If you want something done right….see what has been working for centuries. A cottage industry presents itself around self-medications which are based on herbs, oils, and other various homemade remedies! Try mom’s old trick – soaking the affected areas in warm salt water solution….water soluble…not crude oil!

While these treatments could help ease discomfort remember that medical attention is always recommended whenever dealing with injuries serious enough to affect normal movement functionalities.


Injuries resulting from tearing ligaments cannot be taken lightly regardless how they occur. Although we’ve had some fun sharing quirky ways one may go about tearing their wrist apart but ultimately staying safe should always come first while having fun comes second! Stay safe out there- keep protected so journies near mountainsides during snowboarding trips doesn’t need one too many visits from ambulance crews (2).

Thanks for reading our informative guide on How To Tear A Ligament In Your Wrist…..seems like an odd thing to read about anyway!

(1) Source:
(2) Disclaimer: No Ambulance Crews were injured during the process of creating this humorous piece of content

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