How do you take away hiccups?

Are you tired of those pesky hiccups ruining your dinner party or date night? Fear not, my friend! With these simple tips and tricks, you can say goodbye to those annoying spasms for good.

But First…What are Hiccups?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about what causes hiccups. Hic! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

In short, a hiccup is an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle followed by the quick closure of the vocal cords. This results in that oh-so-familiar “hic” sound.

Hiccups can be caused by a variety of factors such as eating too quickly or drinking carbonated beverages. They can also be a side effect of certain medical conditions or medications.

Now that we know what they are, let’s get rid of them!

The Classic Methods

You’ve likely heard many classic methods for getting rid of hiccups before. Do any actually work? Let’s find out.

Hold Your Breath

This method involves taking a deep breath and holding it for 10-20 seconds before exhaling slowly. Repeat this process until your hiccups subside.

Verdict: Myth – While holding your breath may provide temporary relief from hiccups, it isn’t a reliable method for getting rid of them entirely.

Drink Water Upside Down

The premise here is to drink water while leaning forward with your head upside down. This supposedly disrupts the normal swallowing pattern and stops the contractions causing hiccups.

Verdict: Plausible but difficult – Sure, theoretically this might work…but have you ever tried to drink water upside down without making an absolute mess?

Scare Yourself

Startle yourself with something unexpected like jumping out from behind the door or listening to some loud music suddenly.

Verdict: It may work – Sure, it might get you to stop hiccuping because of the surprise, but be warned that scaring someone is generally not a good approach in life.

The Not-So-Classic Methods

Ready for some less traditional (but effective) ways to cure hiccups? These ones are sure to impress your friends!

Drink from the Opposite Side of the Glass

Don’t want to drink water upside down? No problem. Simply take a glass of water and drink from the opposite side. In other words, turn your back towards where you would normally drink from and lean forward.

Verdict: Proven – This trick has anecdotal evidence aplenty as people have tried it successfully many times. So go ahead and give it a try!

Gargle with Ice Water

Fill your mouth with ice cold water so that only your throat gets wet then start gargling like how singers do.

Verdict: Proven – By interrupting those pesky contractions caused by hiccups, this method can help you kick them away.

Bite on a Lemon wedge dipped in Angostura Bitters

This one is especially interesting – Cut off about 3cm or more off the end of lemon wedge . Dip just cut end in angostura bitters and bite into lemon wedges hence getting all its juices going around your tongue at once.
Mmm delicious also gets rid of hisk-ups nearly every time!!!

Verdict: Hey look! Another proven methods 😉 Try at home for sure shot relief!

Bonus Round

While researching methods for curing hiccups I came across a few others which really caught my eye…or rather sounded ludicrous enough worth trying.

1) Rubbing an ice-cube against nose while taking deep breaths
2) Belly-button Attack(We don’t even know what to say here ..But ‘Hey Give it a try!’ xD)
3) Stick your Pinkies in your ears and drink water
4) Pull out your tongue as far as possible then gently rub the bottom of it with a smooth-surfaced object (e.g. spoon)

Verdict: Who knows? – While these methods may have worked for someone somewhere, we’ll let you determine their effectiveness yourself.

Now that you know all the tricks to curing hiccups, why not show off your knowledge at your next dinner party? Your friends will be amazed by how quickly those pesky hiccups are gone…and just might start calling you “The Hiccup Whisperer”.

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