How do you start a healthy relationship?

Relationships are weird. One minute you’re happy, the next you’re fighting over who forgot to take out the trash for the third time this week. But fear not! Building a healthy relationship takes effort and patience but is very much possible. Let’s dig into some useful tips that can help you build and maintain a healthy relationship.

Understanding Yourself First

The first step in building any kind of relationship is understanding yourself. You need to know your own strengths, weaknesses and how emotions affect them both.

Identify Your Needs

Identifying our needs requires that we understand ourselves better so it’s important to be honest with yourself about what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Some people want more attention than others – this doesn’t mean one person is clingy, just different from another.

Take Responsibility For Your Part In The Relationship

Don’t assume that everything wrong in the relationship is their fault because sometimes it isn’t all on them. Acknowledge those moments where things went south because of something you did or didn’t do and then make amends as soon as possible.

Communication Is Key

Healthy relationships engage in open communication full-stop!

Talk It Out

You’ll only arrive at solutions if both parties communicate openly without judgment & hostility towards each other. Many times we choose assumed narratives rather than simply expressing HOW WE FEEL boldly, creating un-necessary problems which could easily have been resolved had we communicated clearly.

Speak Their Language:

Effective communication differs based on personalities involved; ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. For instance, words like “I feel” may seem too mushy for some folks; therefore tailor your language towards what they find comfortable whilst retaining honesty/credibility

Listening Goes A Long Way Too!

People say ‘If I listened well there would be nothing else left for me to say..’, still, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Practice listening to your partner or friend; validate their feelings and show empathy widely.

Mirror Words:

This goes a long way in making people feel heard whilst creating ample opportunity for clarifications.

Becoming Each Other’s Cheerleader

We all need someone who believes in us – even Superman! Having a supporter by our side is essential, especially when we’re feeling low. Here’s how you cheer for each other:

Celebrate Wins and Milestones

No matter how small the victory may seem, celebrate it together (even if it was just remembering to call!), let them know they’ve done great!.

Encourage Growth And Improvement

Support doesn’t stop at celebrating victories but also extends into challenging yourself/them to become better versions of yourselves i.e encouraging physical & mental exercise.

Effective Decision Making:

Be decisive in considering your options and taking up responsibilities where required- They will appreciate being with someone who knows what they want from life.

Respect One Another

Without respect, healthy relationships are pretty much non-existent so….

### Speak With Courtesy:
Having decorum during discussions helps remove awkward moments that could occur as battles commence

##### Don’t Interrupt:
Interactions require patience. Grabbing attention impatiently sometimes sends across negative signals highlighting disrespect emotionally!

Spend Quality Time Together

The foundation of any relationship is spending time together without having to worry about distractions such as phones or work emails.

### Date Nights Should Be A Priority!
Date nights don’t have to be fancy dinners out or expensive yacht rides! Take turns planning something simple yet meaningful which bonds both parties while creating memories worth cherishing.

Learn How To Compromise – PEACEFULLY!

Compromising on intricate details helps build stronger bonds rather than going through every tussle armed with aggressive behavior like warriors.

#### Truly Value Their Opinion Too
When making decisions or considering big changes, their opinion matters too. Taking turns to schedule date nights in keeping with each other’s tastes i.e movies you’d never watch alone.

Understanding Their Love Language

People like getting shown love, however; we all receive and express affection differently.

### Knowing Your Partner’s Love Language Helps
Find out how your partner both gives and receives love – this will help avoid unnecessary misunderstanding when expressions of love are wrongly perceived.

Everyone Wants To Feel “Understood”

Acknowledging that everyone wants to feel valued opens up doors for healthy communication where individuals get heard equally!

Express Gratitude- It feels Good!

Probably would have added one more note on effective decision making, but it does feel gratifying appreciating efforts put into the relationship we enjoy!

## Lastly

Building healthy relationships can be challenging because people grow & change over time; so constantly listening, compromising and working together is crucial! Hopefully these tips come in handy as start-ups become fully fledged relationships…Happy hitchhiking!!

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