How do you relieve pressure from a smashed finger?

Have you ever experienced the agonizing pain of smashing your finger? It’s like your entire body is being tortured by an invisible force. You try to tough it out, but every move feels like someone is stabbing you with tiny pins – and forget about trying to do anything that requires two hands. But fear not, my friend! In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to relieve pressure from a smashed finger.

Understanding the injury

Before we dive into relief strategies, let’s take a moment to learn about what happens when you smash your finger. When there’s trauma or compression FORCE that ZOOMS down onto your digit (like slamming it in a car door), blood can pool within the area where the skin meets the nail bed. This leads to swelling and makes movement intolerable for EACH motion UNTIL ya dumb ass does something about it.

Just know…this will get worse if ignored.

Soothe That Sucker With RICE!

If you’ve ever had any type of sports injury then you are familiar with The R.I.C.E Method – Rest Ice Compression Elevation..Well same goes for smashed fingers EXCEPT instead of reducing inflammation across muscles with stretching/flexing while doing reps at home/the gym , hopefully more capable parts of your body have been SHREDDED APART BY A SLAMBLAMECANWASJMETHEPHUCKDOOR technique. Here’s what each abbreviation stands for:

  • Rest: Do not use that hurt little guy until he/she tells its ready!
  • Ice: Put some ice on it immediately after impact has occurred (no matter how tempting flipping off whatever door-frame may be). Continue icing throughout duration required but atleast first few hours post-injury 10 mins no less than three times per day
  • Optional :If in case an icap (little towel for icing) isn’t something you are up for – Drop that baby in a cup full of cool water

  • Compression: Wrap an Ace wrap (bandage) around the finger joint gently applying pressure to promote drainage further suffocating your already dead appendage

  • Elevation: Raise your hand above shoulder level, keep blood flowing back towards the center; leading to less swelling and throbbing keeping you from becoming OH so frustrated!

Give Your Finger A Little Wiggle

Sometimes we just need to move our hurt body part even when all its screaming STOP!! Well at night time or laying in bed is perfect!!!!!Giving this finger small but gentle movements helps encourage blood flow which leads to better circulation!. So as much as it HURTS wiggle like there’s no tomorrow…..

Crushed Ice More Like Magic Bullets To The Rescue!!

Some People ..whispers(not us professionals though!) swear by wrapping ice cubes in soft material such as paper towels instead of using an ice pack. Okay well, if it works who am I to TELL YOU OTHERWISE?. Just wrap a few loose pieces into that baby blanket. This will restrict swelling = Happy Days!

OPTIONAL : Add some Arnica cream..but honestly no improvement over doing without.

Bonus: Crushed ice great option after numbness wears off about two hours before returning cryogenic session. ALSO keeps ya preoccupied with counting seconds while focusing on possible involuntary tremors.

Moisture Is Not Your Fingers Friend

After any injury especially involving fingers/thumb region infrequent perils increase everyday life may look somewhat different now , MOISTURE has become more devasting than expected ….it’s momentary enemy #1 . But It DOES make sense when coming down psychosomatically having twice the pain/sensitivity capacity because irritated from anything touching repeatedly …and moisture eventually does that.

Buddy Taping is Not Just For Athletes

It turns out, your fingers could also benefit from buddy taping – no sports uniform required. What is it you ask? It’s simple and effective – attach a non-sticky long finger glue with split down the middle so lessens tension placed on joint when swollen.

If pain persists beyond a few days always consult with doctor.

Alleviate Pain With A Turmeric Paste

Ingesting turmeric on its own in teas or Golden Milk can help alleviate inflammation , increasing healing powers like wound recovery. But applying it externally ? Oh yea-aahhhhh..

Mix together 1tsp avg turmeric powder , followed by small container of fresh blended ginger serrated root each having antiseptic benefits – apply to affected area of wound! The result will be reduced inflammation, plus some added natural glow given off as they react beneath lighting.

Use Essential Oils to Lessen Swelling & Aid Healing

Essential oils can work wonders for treating injuries rapidly without harmful side effects.

  • Lavender Oil: Will naturally reduce swelling in soft tissue areas (fingers) allowing proper drainage needed for bleeding processes subsiding.
  • Peppermint Oil: Loosens stiffened/tight muscles which have over-tensed following trauma as well producing refreshing cooling sensation almost too good idea….
  • Apply about twice daily or after showering( heat helps disperse the “oily” substances more effectively penetrating quicker into necessary layers SKIN,
    -Diluting along tiny carrier oil really adds that extra UMPH

other WORTHWHILE additions include: Eucalyptus, Marjoram/Thyme Leaf -> killin bacteria before settling upon wounds!


Do not EVER use essential oils directly onto skin OVER length periods longer than recommended….irritation& severe allergic reactions ARE MESSED UP HUGE HINDRANCES..RESEARCH FIRST

The Bottom-Line Strategies

  • Resting: Just because you have more than ONE hand DOES NOT MEAN it’s going to be helpful. Put that wiggler away we’ve never rest enough! 🤚🤚🥱

Icing It Down: Don’t forget to keep some ice handy, and use plenty throughout your healing process. Crushed is even better for when pain worsens.

Compression Required : Getting wrapped up nice n tight keeps tissue from swelling completely outta control!

  • Elevating Your Finger: Always let him/her relax on plush pillows/floor with minor lifting above heart level .

Buddy System!!: Taping fingers together alleviates tension in swollen pinkies (that’s what she said).

  • Ingest Turmeric & Apply Essential Oils: These are powerful additions that work wonders at reducing inflammation AND aiding in complete wound recovery

So there ya go friends, lots of options which will DEFINITELY bring down pressure so can focus on something new after you say “OUCH!”. Remember if pain persists -> Give us Call••815-CALL-MONTCO

[Note]: Only joking about the hotline there folks 😉

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