How do you make your own half and half?

Do you ever find yourself missing a creamy texture in your coffee or tea, but don’t have any half and half lying around? Fear not! Making your own half and half is easier than pronouncing “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Let’s dive into the world of DIY Half and Half.

What is Half-and-Half?

For those who are new to the game, Half-and-half is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of equal parts whole milk and heavy cream. This lovely mixture adds just the right amount of richness to any beverage or recipe.

Fun fact: In Canada, we call this magical concoction cream light, which makes no sense at all because cream IS NOT LIGHT!

Why Make Your Own Half-and-Half?

“Uh… Because I can?”

Sure, that’s one answer. But what about when you accidentally forget to add it to your grocery list? Or when there’s an all-out apocalypse with no stores open for miles? Having this DIY skill can save you from many caffeine-deprived mornings.

Plus, creating something from scratch only adds more culinary skills under our belts (literally).

The Recipe

Now onto the money-maker – the actual recipe for making homemade half-and-half:

  • 1 cup Whole Milk
  • 1 cup Heavy Cream

And….that’s it. Yes folks, making your own gourmet additive really requires nothing more than two ingredients (writing that cookbook now)

If you feel so inclined (or are allergic), substituting Milk alternatives such as Almond/Coconut/Soy works just as well.

Tip: If looking for lower calorie content replace heavy whipping cream with Greek yogurt (you’re welcome)

The Process

Time needed: Less than five minutes
Get creative?!

Here’s how to make homemade Half and Half :

  1. Measure out 1 cup of whole milk
  2. Pour it into a measuring cup with markings showing cups (for excellence)
  3. Add an equal amount (in this case, another cup) Heavy Cream to the milk in the same container.
  4. Mix gently together
    5.Take in your hard work!

And Voilà!

Wasn’t that super easy?

PS: do not shake too aggressively or bad things will happen.

Substitutes for Heavy Cream

What if you don’t have heavy cream on hand? No problem, here are three ingredients that can be substituted depending on what’s available:

Greek Yogurt

For less fat content (goodbye calorie demons), replace heavy cream with plain greek yogurt – but use only ¾ cup instead of one full cup as using more may affect consistency and texture.

Other healthy yogurts like goat’s milk would also do just good.

Evaporated Milk

If you need a thicker half-and-half substitute, mix 1/2 condensed milk and ½ water until smooth.

This substitution method tends to be sweeter than regular half-and-half given its higher sugar ratio (sugar rush coming through)

Cottage Cheese blended with Milk

Yes…that right there might look unappealing by name alone but before you say no hear me out:

Blend cottage cheese until smooth then add enough skimmed or low-fat milk to achieve desired consistency.

Tastes should be savory enough without being overpowered by cheesiness(|As my lactose intolerant friend would phrase- “can breakfast ever taste sweet again “sad face) .

Remember lightly blend – It is supposed to feel like half n’ half, NOT steeped drinks from Starbucks(you know which ones).

Storage Tips

After preparing and enjoying our delicious half-n-half, how long can we store it for?

Always refrigerate the mixture as soon it is done – preferably in a tightly covered glass jar (or whatever container of your choice).

When kept properly, it can stay fresh and safe to use up to five days. If anything looks off-color or has unusual scent, PLEASE do yourself a favor and toss it!

Final Thoughts

Homemade half-and-half is the real MVP we need to add creaminess and life into our lives.

Don’t let lack of heavy cream ever put you in distress again because with wholesome milk alternatives(greek yogurt, condensed milk ,etc ), you could go on creating maximum taste every day (ban boring meals)

That’s all from me folks! Keep exploring new things…half n’ half included(yes that includes going through lists of hard-to-pronounce words)