How do you make your eyes bluer?

Have you ever wished your eyes were a brighter shade of blue? Maybe you have tried all the eye makeup in the world and nothing seems to work. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for natural ways to enhance the color of your eyes. Whatever your reason, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will help make those baby blues pop.

The Power of Makeup

Let’s start with a basic trick that never fails – using makeup to highlight your natural eye color.

Blue Eyeshadow Galore!

The easiest way is by applying blue eyeshadow on top lids; this works best if combined with neutral tones like beige or cream. Line lower lashes also with blue, avoid dark hues such as black since they will overpower light shades making it harder for them stand out.

Tip: Colored eyeliner(s) can add extra dimension when applied above or below lash line(s): try teal!

Mascara Magic

Mascara is there for more than lengthening lashes – use voluminous one closing in denser thick black before embarking into magnifying effect proving ‘tis much better wearing mascara rather than not having it! Comb through gently starting from base towards tip – do not let clumps form which would seem off balance compared smoothed finish done right .

No Mascara? Wipe an old toothbrush where there was small amount petroleum jelly then run across upper lid lashes / eyebrows providing instant shine mesmerizingly bluish shimmer reflecting around face instantly creating electrifying moment noticed by everyone .

Exercises That Can Help Improve Eye Color

Who knew exercises could change the color of our eyeballs? Here are a few simple things you can do regularly:

Eye Massage Therapy

Massaging facial muscles under (and around) prominent forehead ridge beneficial relaxes tired eyes causing them feel rejuvenated when relaxed tensions frequently occur while working late night hours browsing phone and watching movies / series supposed to be done earlier during daytime.

The Power of Food

Believe it or not, there are certain foods that can help improve the color of your eyes. Here are some natural remedies:

Drink plenty of water

Water is crucial in maintaining healthy blue eyes. Optimal minimum dosage states maximum hydration levels occur when drinking at least 8-10 glass ounces constantly replenishing fluids combating dehydration adding possible depth sharpness shown easily from increased hydration to keep vibrant aquamarine tones remaining strong as ever .

Eat Right

Maintaining a balanced diet does more than just keeping our waistlines in check; it also helps maintain perfect eye health providing paramount shades accompanying great nutritional benefits increasing sparkle (and making sure they stay that way!).

Blueberries contain anthocyanin – stimulates production of collagen which improves overall elasticity throughout skin thus focusing around pupils creating stunning oceanic-like hues having high levels Vitamins A , C , E beneficial keeping peepers healthy manner displaying youthful glow even after countless years.

Fish – Containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids those who regularly include these into their meals producing enriching advantages backing up tissues raising clarity showing contrast within organic irises “bluish zone” areas accentuating brighter aura all-around face perfectly suited for bolder & adventurous styles willing enough adapt new concepts hands-on!

Tip: Avoid consuming too many refined carbohydrates such as simple sugars, breads made with white flour, etc.. Sticking to complex carbs like quinoa, whole wheat pastas/breads maintains stable insulin/glucose levels resulting improved metabolism reduced inflammation clearer vision daily !

Get Enough Sleep

Not only does proper rest benefit overall health and wellbeing but adequate sleeping routine minimizes under-eye bags less responsive swollen eyelids ensuring clear bright eyed focus sitting radiant across everywhere going attending happenings! Treat yourself diligently each night attuning body clock early hours dreaming big will aid fate towards reaching goals needed living fantastic lifestyle .

Wearing the Right Clothes

Believe it or not, certain pieces of clothing can enhance your eye color. For example:

Shades of Blue Clothing Make Eyes Really Stand Out!

Wear solid blue tops matching them with jeans brings forth heaven-like hue amplified admired by everyone surrounding bustling crowds – reminds us feeling like royalty & goddesses at concert halls or more formal events detailed accessories styling pretty bright crystal earrings works wonders towards impressing those walking smiling throughout magical destinations arriving onto new horizons (with beautiful eyes to boot!).

Undeniably when done right always best completing dreamy makeup look(s) framing glowing features now fully prepared embracing newly founded bluish-tinted hues developed solely by YOU adding semi-professional finishing touches able reveal newfound glimmer creativity suitable whether favored daily basis occasional party-going extravaganzas – get ready have people ask “what’re secrets?” unsuspectingly responding dazzling confidence unmatched !

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