How do you know you have dry skin?

Dry skin is not that weird or uncommon as people may think. It’s a prevalent condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. However, lots of people don’t even know they have dry skin until it’s too late. That’s why it is essential to recognize the signs and symptoms of dry skin early on so you can take the necessary precautions to prevent further damage.

In this article, we will explore all about dry skin; what causes it, how to identify if you’ve got it, and provide some practical tips on managing your dry skin like a boss! So let’s dive in!

What Is Dry Skin?

Before we move forward with identifying if you’ve got dry skin or not? Let us first understand what exactly “dry” means when referring to our largest organ – the SKIN!

Accordingly, the medical definition of “skin” refers to the outermost covering over our bodies composed mainly of layers containing connective tissues (collagen), nerves responsible for sensation and function (hair follicles & sweat glands), blood vessels (to nourish during wound healing) & epidermis aka A MOISTURIZING MACHINE!. Losses in hydration from top superficial layer called stratum corneum leads skinny boy turns into dried up beef jerky.

Causes Of Dry Skin

There are plenty of reasons why one could suffer from rough scaly patches here are few:

Hot Showers

Long hot showers strip away the moisturizing goo.

Wrong Body Wash

Harsh coarse chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate creates badness!

Overuse Cleansers/Sanitizers

Eve-r-increasing use anti-sanitizer due covid more vigorous cleanser use brings cold harsh reality into play!

Centralized Heating Systems

When indoors temperatures increase without full control apply lotion before going bed

central heating system

Hard Water supply

Excessive minerals in tap water leave skin with unsavory residue sort of dairy product on mouth.

Identifying Dry Skin

If you’re still skeptical about whether or not you’ve got dry skin, here’s what it FEELS like:

Constant Itchiness

A persistent urge to scratch that never goes away?

Flakiness On Your Skin

Do friends think it is snowing when shedding skin cells everywhere?!

Rough Patches Over The Body

Touch yourself! Does any area feel like sandpaper-textured surface?

White Spots

UNWELCOMED GUESTS. When white spots start appearing around the nether regions!

How To Manage Dry Skin Like A Boss!

Now that we have gone through some potential indicators let us carry forward and discuss how to manage your dryness using a little bit of science (be glad we’re discussing the stratum corneum and not algebra)!

Must-Dos Better To Avoid
Petroleum Jelly Alcohol-based Cleansers
Hand Lotion Hot Showers & Baths
Creams specifically for eczema Scents & Fragrances
Humidifiers Physical Scrubbing AT ALL COSTS!

To see results apply moisturizers immediately after shower/bath whilst damp

In conclusion, taking care of your skin should always be a Priority: #1 because no one wants droopy-like-shrivelled-up raisins floating around town causing chaos while dropping their dead scales all over everyone’s carpet! With this – We hope this vital information helps you recognize if you got dry skin and why, causes while at the same time providing some helpful tips to manage your dryness.

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