How do you know if your nexplanon is working?

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you have some concerns about your Nexplanon. You might wonder if your contraceptive implant is working or not. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here’s all the information and more regarding how to tell whether your Nexaplon is preventing pregnancy effectively.

First things first: What Is a Nexplanon?

Before delving into the question at hand, let’s start with what a Nexplanon is? Well, it’s a tiny plastic rod inserted under the skin of an individual’s upper arm by using local anesthesia. The rod thwarts pregnancies for up five years because of its anti-ovulatory characteristics – which restricts ovulation in women thereby blocking sperm from reaching any egg that may be released during menstruation cycles.

Confirm That It Was Inserted Correctly

The first step in ensuring that your Nexaplon implant works effectively involves verifying that a professional medical practitioner correctly placed it under your skin. An expert such as an Ob-Gyn can place these implants safely since they have specialized skills and tools required for safer installation procedures and hopefully clear hands!

Monitor Any Change In Bleeding Behaviour

One way to know if their Nexaplan implant prevents Pregnancy efficiently includes monitoring menstrual patterns after insertion. Women who use Nexaplonusually report lighter or unpredictable bleeding while using it. Subsequently, others don’t notice changes within normal menstrual cycles but can expect alterations in between periods.

Feel For The Implant Position Underneath Your Skin

After confirming proper placement by visual inspection , identifying early signs could save one from paying long-term consequences’. Trying feeling for lump underneath once’s as well examination marks should confirm optimimum functionality.

The best time to test thorough touch checks would come immediately after insertion when marks made on individuals arms are still apparent. Thereafter, still carry periodic exams to be sure that the implant continues being functional.

Use A Backup Contraceptive Method

Are you feeling anxious? Worried about whether your various partners are safe from pregnancies? Don’t have peace of mind with just the one Nexplanon-issued implant alone?

You can couple up that with a secondary contraceptive method such as polyurethane rubber condoms (if either partner is allergic to latex). When using these condoms during intercourse in combination with Nexaplon implants, chances for pregnancy reduce drastically.

Alternatively, Talk to your medical expert and establish other ways of ensuring efficient contraception ovulation control With back-up approaches assures successful efficiency & better-future reproductive health decisions

Look Out For Symptoms Of Pregnancy

As much as this sounds suspicious enough not having any periods whatsoever could signify potential success; any abnormal changes linked around lower abdominal pains might start raising red flags.
Other symptoms possibly include nausea (pronounced “noo-ZHER”) and tenderness in breasts associated (but not limited) to weight gain

It doesn’t mean accurately identifying these pointers means definite pregnancy but signaling intervention required by contacting physician improve Health Crisis Management protocols

Run A Pregnancy Test

If worst comes to worst and an individual identifies suspected pregnancy-related signs or no bleeding occurs after receiving Nexaplonimplant insertion results feel doubtful always consider taking a pregnancy test

The most widely available over-the-counter-pregnancy tests utilize urine samples which if organized appropriately correctly verify person’s suspicions’ based on qualitative hCG concentration measurements thereby assisting individuals make more accurate Human Chorionic Gonadotropin judgements’

Moreover, positive tests indicate possible conception while negative does contrary-to signals waiting for until next menstrual cycle convenient time-frame allowing planned family expansion possibilities.

Conclusion: Always Stay Safe

With these tips ; interested parties should swiftly identify early onsets of potentially severe life-changing issues which couldn’t come with irreversible consequences. Regular monitoring outweighs unknown satisfaction advantages; one should pay close attention to their Nexaplon functionality after installation by remaining actively involved in their sexual health management journey

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