How do you know if you have fertility problems?

Are you the type that loves to overthink things? Worry about what might happen before it even happens (I know, me too)? Well, if you’re at that stage of life where you’re considering starting a family or already trying and failing to do so, then chances are high that fertility problems will be one of those lovely thoughts occupying space in your head.

But how do you know if there’s really a problem brewing down there? Here are some signs to look out for:

Age Matters

Nope, not the Happy Birthday kind of age (although those can get depressing too). What I mean is the reproductive age – i.e., the period during which conception is still possible. For women, this usually starts from puberty and ends up in their early 40s. Anything beyond that and Mother Nature might just have cut her losses. So if ticking clocks don’t give enough pressure, consider taking note of your biological clock’s countdown.

Keep Track Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Don’t like periods? Guess what! They may actually be giving hints about fertility levels (yay?) An irregular cycle could imply hormonal imbalances or other underlying issues hampering ovulation – thereby making pregnancy an uphill climb.

A Little Pain Goes A Long Way

Painful cramps? Uncomfortable sex? While these aren’t always necessarily cause for concern; on occasions when they become chronic—consider taking action as they can raise red flags concerning something more sinister: endometriosis [^1] .

## Water Works Not Flowing?

Dehydration affects many areas within our body however didn’t think it would affect my chances of having kids?! Being properly hydrated ensures an abundance of fertile quality cervical mucus present encouraging easy movement sperm facilitating its progress towards hatching with one lucky egg!

The Case Of No Protection

If you and your partner have been having frequent unprotected sex but still haven’t welcomed any small additions to the family, this could be a warning sign. Normally it will take up to 6 months of regular intercourse before seeing success.

Single Or Taken Still Haven’t Conceived?

Pop quiz: What’s worse than not getting knocked up when trying really hard? Um, queuing for ages at Ikea only to find out that your desired item is ‘out of stock’? And what’s annoying as being haunted by fertility fears despite being single Meanwhile seemingly everyone around us conceives without so much as batting an eyelid! Just because you seem single now or not experiencing pregnancy from a junior football team doesn’t mean it’s inevitable just keep monitoring those sperm levels…

Ahem Cough Cough

A persistent cough needs attention – sound like Captain Obvious right!] However illness may play havoc with your overall health thus impacting reproductive ability too. For woman the stress on the body might make things harder during ovulation whilst men need ma luscious healthy mucus prior forming children meaning smoking anything can smell our chances goodbye!

Genetics Don’t Lie

It is important acknowledging hereditary links concerning infertility however if there have been no issues previously don’t become overly concerned – old wives tales should never supersede current guidance & knowledge about these matters (Sorry Auntie Marg!)

## Mood Swings Getting Worse?

We’ve all had that friend, coworker or relative who gets labelled emotionally unstable yet harden individuals survive through life unscathed . However scientific evidence highlights various anxiety disorders etc sometimes cause hormonal imbalances lowering quality fertile cervical mucuses ultimately affecting fertility!

Putting A Stop To Fertility Games

Outdated social perceptions presupposes male-factor infertility somewhat insignificant alas boyhood jokes waxing lyrical ’God must love ugly’. Nevertheless demands for sperm counts, achievements, numbers or simply sperm quality should never be mocked.

Seeing A Fertility Specialist

If you’ve tried and failed independently in the conception stakes awhile, help may lie ahead via specialist intervention/ advice. Always work with referral from your regular doctor next step would be to approach such an expert in this area who can provide education alongside empathetic support.

Tests And Measures

A range of testing measures exist for determining the precise cause(s) surrounding fertility problems; whether it’s hormonal imbalances, DNA issues or otherwise , talking about these options have been acknowledged as uncomfortable however at earliest opportunity clarifying factors underpinning infertility tend having clarity necessary moving forward while first trying alternative steps towards successful pregnancy.

In Conclusion

Fertility issues can be stressful but their existence is not necessarily a foregone conclusion either so DON’T PANIC! Proactive action & lifestyle changes alone can make all difference!

[1] Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines inside of uterus grows outside- through ovaries, bowel etc – inflaming targeted areas causing severe pain incessant bleeding during periods along with host additional symptoms.