How do you know if a chakra is open?

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve heard of chakras. These invisible energy centers located in our body play an important role in regulating our physical and emotional well-being. However, it’s not always easy to tell whether your chakra is open or blocked. In this fun-filled guide, we’ll take a look at how to spot the signs of an open chakra and what you can do to keep your energy flowing freely.

What Are Chakras Anyway?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of opened chakras, let’s cover some basics first. Chakras refer to seven major energy centers located inside our bodies. Each one governs specific parts of our mind and body, affecting everything from digestion and creativity to love and spirituality (and maybe even Fortnite skills).

Here are the names of each chakra in order:

1) Root
2) Sacral
3) Solar Plexus
4) Heart
5) Throat
6) Third Eye
7) Crown

Each chakra has its own unique color, element (like earth or water for example), sound vibration (ommmm), as well as crystals associated with it.

Closed vs Opened

The main difference between closed and opened chakras is how much energy flows through them. An open chakra allows for positive life force energies while blocking negative ones from coming out (bye-bye bad vibes).

A closed (or blocked/inactive/dead-like-a-zombie-choose-your-favorite-adjective-here-but-you-get-the-point!) on the other hand slows down or fluctuates significantly making way for negative aspects like depression, anxiety & plain old fatigue!

Let’s discuss each type below:

Signs That Your Charka Is Blocked

Here are some common indicators that suggest your precious energy center is blocked:

  • You feel lethargic (the only thing you eagerly wait for are afternoon naps).
  • Your digestion might be compromised from constipation, bloating or just plain irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Anxiety and depression haunt your days and night.
  • You shy away from authentic communication due to low self-esteem
  • Resistance towards change or growth
  • A lack of interest in anything that requires creativity or imagination

If these sound like familiar signs, then it’s time to work on clearing up those blockages.

Signs That Your Charka Is Open

Since life is all about balance, let’s talk about the green pasture too!

Here are some signs that suggest a chakra has opened wide open:

1) Finally feeling in tune with your own body
2) Confidence flowing through the roof (dayum!)
3) Blissful positivity radiates within/outside while negative stuff simply can NOT touch you!(I choose da SHEEPLE LIFE)
4) Energy practically comes outta yah earlobes!

How Do I Know If My Chakras Are Open?

The fact is overthinking won’t necessarily tell you if a particular energy vortex is open. However there are few ways to pick up on this subtly present divine showstopper .

Here’s how.

Use Body Sensations

Our physical bodies have incredible intelligence themselves-that achy tummy during breakups & lightness/chirpy-jumps when we get good news ,all represent our communication system-in case we don’t get 27 missed calls from universe telling us whatever-the-fudge-they-want-us-to-know!!

Pay attention to where in your body feels hot/cold/light/or squeezed whenever any emotional aspect fluctuates-i.e happy-sad-anxious-relieved. These things indicate flow-or bottleneck-around certain Energy centers as well (pretty cool huh?).

Seek Insight From Chakra Experts

  • You can contact alternative medicine practitioners, energy healers or yoga teachers near your area. (or via Skype).
  • Some may even offer a certain form of technology that detects and analyzes chakra movements.(I guess it is like using ‘waze’ instead of conventional maps?)

It’s important to trust yourself when choosing who you want to work with as sometimes little wrong guidance may impact rest of your emotional/physical health.

Use Meditation

Meditation helps us achieve stillness within ourselves hence provides opening for unconscious information regarding our self which exists beyooond slaying zombies on video games’. It also allows increased awareness about places in body where either blockage / flow exists. So time yourself for few minutes 10 minuets/daily-but be mindful -focus on spending some precious ME TIME!!

Try these quick techniques:

1) Simply breathe! In the morning before jumping outta bed & beginning ur day take slow deep breaths , visualize white light surrounding each available cell in your consciousness and feel its warmth Neer-inner Hug!

2) Chant mantras(or just sing along with yah fav tunes indiscriminately), place hand over charkas involved and feel their heat (yeah flames not ice this time)&power-up!

By practicing such proactiveness daily, we will increase our understanding about what open/closed status feels like ie under frequencies/vibrations existing beneath uppermost layers whilst provide tools positively influencing mind/body wellness .

Bottom line,

There are many ways by which we get feedback from Bio-field regarding health conditions; however if experiencing continuous symptoms that show intuition then turning towards alternative therapies could offer insight one might need.

In conclusion: Everybody’s first prize!, being-self-aware is all it takes to claim it!

So let’s do exactly so bringing up new-normal thought patterns-must be chosen for flowing into new direction of energy and path to achieve lasting well-being!

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