How do you kill chiggers on your skin?

Are you tired of scratching yourself like a monkey because chiggers have taken over your skin? Well, worry no more because in this article we will explore the various methods you can use to get rid of those pesky little insects. If you want to be itch-free so that people don’t think you’re in need of some serious psychotherapy then keep reading!

What are Chiggers, and How Do They Attack?

Chiggers are red, six-legged mites with hairy backs that attach themselves onto clothes or human skin. First off these guys don’t actually bite, but they friggin inject an enzyme in their saliva called “prostaglandin” into your skin subcutaneously (Oh Yeah..I said it) which causes intense itching.

These little assholes adore spots where clothing is tight against the skin such as ankles, wrists and armpits – a real party location! And dogs- my doggie was scratching his neck till he resembled a meth head who has undergone IQ reduction from excessive dosages (his fUrienD) 🐶 So what’s next?

Scratching Can Be Counterproductive

It may seem natural to scratch when chigger bites become irritated; however doing so can damage your skin along with spreading potential bacteria present under nails causing infections. Whatever the reason for not scratching- Take me seriously while I say DO NOT SCRATCH THOSE BITES!


  • Use cool compresses on irritated areas
  • Wash affected area often throughout day
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream if available

This process reduces symptoms such as acne-like breakouts or rashes necessary for maintaining healthy looking skin despite being attacked by unwelcomed pests.

Natural Remedies To The Rescue

For some individuals using natural remedies provides much needed relief without harsh chemicals; Here are few hacks-

Petroleum Jelly:

Coat chigger bites in petroleum jelly, cover w/ bandage overnight. Repeat nightly for several days.

Baking Soda:

Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply to bite area, let sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera plants contains properties which reduces itching & inflammation when applied directly onto skin irritations.

Disadvantage? May not provide instantaneous relief however proven effective methods safe for all ages in times when over-the-counter treatments are not accessible or possible to use because you left the darn thing at home!

Drugstore Remedies

Drug stores offer numerous options such an array of creams and sprays available which can alleviate itchiness caused by these bothersome insects. Here are a few examples:

Calamine lotion:

An oldie but still very effective remedy that most people grew up using is calamine lotion—for good reason! Protects against bacteria while reducing swelling and itching simultaneously.

Extra tips
1)Apply lotions after a cool shower(works better)
2)Mix some essential oils like cinnamon oil with alcohol
3)Vitamin E also helps in reducing itching

Benadryl Cream:

This particular cream has multiple benefits including providing immediate relief while also preventing further outbreaks from occurring. However it may produce drowsiness as common side effect so use wisely.

Anti-chig spray

Contains equal parts Listerine mouthwash, ammonia & salt mixed with adequate amount of water is known recipe used by many.

Chiggers Don’t Like Cleanliness

Being clean sounds too basic right? But hygiene plays important role firstly areas where you venture need to be free from larvae eg grasses/bushes etc. Hence,
Wear protective clothing if planning outdoor activities.
Shower immediately after being outside
Wash clothes immediately after playing around vegetation

These simple steps will greatly reduce chances of chiggers transmitting themselves onto new hosts. Additionally, if they still remain don’t be tempted to sit around waiting for them to stick on you again hence:
Avoid long grass in normal life too
Keep your yard mowed
Clear out brush and clutter

Concluding Thoughts

While treating chigger bites may not require medical attention, the symptoms can be irritating and severe at times stopping all our regular activities completely- making us a potential candidate for psychotherapy 😉 Applying some of these solutions as soon as possible will drastically help minimizing scratching issues!

Whether it is natural remedies or over-the counter drugs, there are plenty of methods available which make getting rid of chiggers easy with numerous options that provide relief.

Just remember: Chiggers hate cleanliness just like teenage boys- So maintain hygiene regularly while also taking simpler precautions so you can ship off those pesky little guys elsewhere instead.

Now go scratch no more fellow read.. wait… why are you leaving?- I had vast upcoming tips & tricks ready Bummer..

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