How do you get scar tissue in your urethra?

Urethral strictures are a common problem encountered by urologists. When scar tissue forms in the urethra, it can cause severe pain and difficulty urinating. In this hilarious article, we will explore how one can get scar tissue in their urethra.

The Anatomy of the Urethra

Before we dive into the causes of urethral strictures, let’s take a quick look at the anatomy of the male urethra. The male urethra is divided into three parts: Prostatic urethra, membranous or mid-urethro-vaginal sphincteric complex (MUS), and spongy or penile uretha.

The Prostatic Uretha

The prostatic part passes through prostate gland-shaped like donut-the ejaculatory ducts secrete their content here.

Mid-Urethro-Vaginal Sphincteric Complex

The membranous (mid-urethro-vaginal sphinteric) part is located between prostatic and spongy portions passing through pelvic floor muscles; contraction closes lumen significantly.

Penile Uretha

Finally comes penile/spongy portion, which passes within corpus cavernosum(hemarectomy all your queries on why there’s an erection to occur during/after catheterization).

Now you might be wondering about what could possibly go wrong with such a tiny tube? Well actually quite a lot!

Causes of Scar Tissue Formation in Your Pee-Ejector

There are many factors that can lead to scarring and narrowing of the urethral opening(s). Here are just a few:


You know those uncomfortable tubes that medical professionals shove up your pee hole when you’re unable to pee normally due to some medical reason? Yeah, those are called catheters. Insertion or removal of catheters can cause scarring in the urethra leading to strictures.


Getting kicked in the nuts may be comical on TV, but it’s definitely not a laughing matter if you suffer an injury severe enough to damage your urethra. Blunt trauma(maybe with that now-thrown book being projected at my head for creating such content) from accidents or sports activities can lead to scar tissue formation.

Sexual Injuries – ‘Back-Fired’, Literally Speaking

Taking part in rough sex positions, ‘friction burn,’and particularly ‘penile fracture (not really though as it is actually blunt trauma )’ (an injury to penis; same as breaking a bone) cause tears and bleeding under skin which leads to blood clotting under urinary tract wall epidermis resulting scarring due healing process.(there’s nothing jolly about any of this)

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Not practicing safe sex could expose you to various infections leading towards urethritis – inflammation within the lining- even causing further infecting deeper into layers and perhaps penetrating sphincteric complex-something like picking a lockin’.

Prostate Surgery

This takes us back to the prostate gland-shaped-like-donut I mentioned earlier. Operations for enlargement(risk increases because there has already been some blockage), cancer ,or appropriate male factor infertility issues may take place nearby prostatic lumen risking intraoperative morbidity thus eventually leading towards scarring/narrowing of urethral passage.

Symptoms You Could Experience When Pee Hole Has Scar Issues

Suffering from scar tissue buildup inside your pee ejector could result in symptoms including:

  • Difficulty passing urine
  • Needing more time while urinating than normal.
  • Delayed onset(more specific difficulty initiating stream)
  • Feeling like you need to wee all the time
  • Incontinence
  • Urinary infections

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s best to see a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

When only Rupture Occurs

Should there be a perforation of tissue instead of scarring/narrowing ,in uncommon rare cases – urine may leak into surrounding tissues leading towards inflammation or infection.

Diagnostic Procedures – Something Discomforting Is Waiting for You

To diagnose strictures and its’ length visual inspection via urethroscope can take place /imaging systems (CT, MRI). This is not always exactly how we want things done ‘down there’.

Treatment Options for Scar Tissue in Your Urethra

Now here comes the really fun part!

Dilate It!

Dilation therapy involves passing progressively wider tubes through your pee hole(painful), slowly widening the scarred area so that urine can flow more freely (hopefully).

Cut It Out Method For Permanent Relief

A urethroplasty basically removes the blocked part of your urethra; then restoring continuity by reconstructive surgery with use oral mucosa will simultaneously treat any scarring present at same location.

So why didn’t I just start out with this option? Well, because it’s quite expensive/painstaking and requires longer recovery periods(as long 2 months before normal bathing/ejaculation etc.), but hey – no pain-no gain(no scars!).

Robots Can Do Surgery!

Imagine robot arms roving around inside our bodies doing delicate procedures without actual physical intervention – No joke-(really too late though.) Da Vinci system uses robotic technology which results in very precise suturing ;this has been used multiple times already-of course where available-and stands as an advancement being potentially beneficial over traditional surgeries.


Here’s another exciting way to stretching open any narrowed canal: balloon dilatation. Inflate a small balloon catheter to the collapse point and maintaining it so for 1-2 minutes, slowly widening your penis like a water sprinkler which will then allow steady/stable free flow of urine!

Intermittent Self-Catheterization

This method might seem worse than ‘dilation’ therapy but is significantly preferable in stricture management maximizing chances of urethral patency,in addition being relatively easier/safe(in our opinion-disclaimer) to use at home when properly taught by healthcare professionals.


In conclusion, scar tissue formation inside your pee hole can cause significant discomfort and pain; creating potential delays/problems whilst emptying bladder completely. We hope this article has helped you understand some reasons why it happens(risky activities), the symptoms (quite unpleasant ones really), diagnostic procedures(don’t get excited),and possible treatment options that could help restore normal urination patterns or wave goodbye to endless stream time foes!

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