How do you get rid of puffy cheeks?

Are your cheeks looking a bit too puffy lately? Do you feel like you look more like a chipmunk storing nuts away for winter than a sleek and chiseled human being? Fear not my friend, for I have compiled this guide filled with tips and tricks on how to lose those chubby cheeks once and for all. So let’s get cracking!

Understand the Causes of Puffy Cheeks

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of getting rid of puffy cheeks, it’s important to understand why they occur. Here are some reasons that could be causing your bloated face:
– Consuming excessive amounts of sodium
– Drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco products
– Deficiency in vitamins or minerals (like pizza instead)
– Dehydration
– Lack of sleep

Now that we know what could be causing those extra cheek squishies let’s talk about ways to kiss them goodbye.

Hydrate Properly

It may seem counterintuitive but one cause of facial puffiness is dehydration. When you aren’t drinking enough water, your body hangs onto every drop it can which leads to bloating around your face as well as other body parts such as fingers and toes.

Drinking at least 8 glasses (64 ounces) should keep you properly hydrated while flushing toxins out so go ahead crack open that bottle! You’ll have two-fold benefits; reducing puffiness while feeling refreshed from within.

Cut Down On Sodium Intake: More Water Less Dust!

Sodium has long been known to cause our bodies to hold on even more water/fluids leading us down bloat alley. Be mindful about high-sodium foods not just chips but things that fall under the salty radar aka soups, many frozen meals fried foods etcetera (you get the point).

Reducing salt intake will also help knock off inches around your waistline so say bye to that extra sodium-filled poison /ring of puffy cheeks and hello to a healthier you.

Quit Smoking & Drinking

As we mentioned earlier, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are habits that can cause puffiness (not just in the face but all over our bodies). Likely due to bloating caused by water retention among other factors. If you’re trying to shrink your cheek department cutting out these friends could speed up progress!

Catch Those Zzzz’s!

Sleep is incredibly important for us all as humans it allows our body time to repair itself, replenish energy levels, produce hormones etcetera. A lack of sleep followed by bloodshot eyes isn’t the only negative: catching some zzz’s helps regulate cortisol production a hormone responsible for stress thus helping with weight-loss.

Make sure your sleeping on an upgraded mattress riddled with pillows, if not get one! With anywhere between 7-8 hours dedicated daily no matter what else it accomplishes getting rid of chipmunk cheeks will be top-list.

Incorporate Cardiovascular Exercise In Your Daily Routine

Aerobic exercise has been shown as much more effective in reducing facial fat than resistance exercises such as lifting weights or crunches.
Examples include:
– Running/jogging
– Swimming
– Dancing
These burn calories help maintain highest metabolism rate too! Sweat away those kittens on your face via cardio workouts!

High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT)

Blast away excess fat/body mass through short bursts high-intensity interval training repeated periods rest = max calorie utilization + fast-paced workout saving time/money translating into reduced roundness/chubbiness in areas targeted

The squats are also beneficial

Be careful though – this method is high intensity might want consult physician first before incorporating these activities.

Pay Attention To What You Eat

Many times people think slimming down one specific area of their physique is possible by concentrating solely on that part, A BIG JUICY UNTRUE. It all boils down to proper nutrition: lean proteins, fruits/veggies whole grains so no fast food junk wondering why it isn’t working.

A consistent supply complex carbohydrates helps increase satiety levels thus reducing overall calorie intake and roundness! Incorporate healthy foods into your daily diet as well before you reach for craving sweeter meals.

Another recommended course of action making smoothie recipes – this way tons nutrients in! (E.g berry blend with spinach)

Get A Lymphatic Massage

Ever heard of a lymphatic massage? These are therapeutic massages specifically designed to improve circulation around lymph nodes systems throughout these parts inc face helping alleviate puffiness causing issues. Various Swedish-style techniques employed relaxing stress-relieving both physically mentally!

Facial Exercises

Exercises specifically targeting facial muscles also help excess fat burn slim process effective besides form regular exercise regime:
– Pucker up → lips pointed forward suck air cheeks start extending downward releasing repeat
– Make Fish Face → pout cheeks sunk toward bottom lip technique-repeat frequently over time
These exercises work wonders for those little joyous bulges showing off the newly formed cheekbones right beneath wowzers!

The ways to get rid of those chipmunk-esque cheeks seeming endless yet many don’t believe properly dedicate themselves understanding how own diet habits interact contributing weight-loss & internal humors within body like sodium etcetera effects overall health.

Devotion diligence essential ingredient concoct sparking personality emerging compact beautifully chiseled upper regions best friend complimenting new fashion choices because looking almost unrecognizable from previous incarnations…in regards only to increased confidence!!!

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