How do you get rid of dark neck and armpits?

Are you embarrassed by the dark neck and armpits? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Turns out this is quite common, but not something that can be flaunted around lightly. Shy individuals would rather have a mane of hair cover their necks or hands at all times.

The discoloration happens due to many factors such as friction, hormonal changes in the body, use of harsh chemicals etc. However it’s nothing impossible to get rid of! So let’s dive into how exactly we can tackle these shameful stains on our bodies.

Scrubbing Away Your Troubles

Exfoliation serves as a great remedy for darkened skin caused by dead cells sitting atop one another. It clears away any impurities while promoting faster cell regeneration (everyone loves a good skin turnover).

Coffee Scrup Infusion Method

  • Half cup coffee grounds
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • One tablespoon Olive Oil

Blend together and apply generously over problem areas (neck / armpit). Using circular motions scrub for less than five minutes before washing off with water.


Sugar Coating Solution

Sugar naturally contains alpha-hydroxy acid which helps reduce darkness on the skin.
– Two tablespoons sugar
– Juice Of half lemon
Mix ingredients until they form an abrasive paste-like consistency before rubbing gently onto skin for a minute and leave briefly then wash off with cool water.

Yoghurt You Need to Know About This:

Due to its lactic acid content yoghurt brightens up dark patches without any irritation (as might be associated with some over-the-counter products).

Take about two tablespoons worth depending on area coverage.
You could either mix turmeric powder into it(praised mostly because of its anti-inflammatory property)or add tomato juice (to control production/shedding rateof melanin) to the yoghurt.

Leave mixture on for a minimum fifteen minutes in order to observe maximum effect.

Natural skin lightening Ingredients

Using everyday organic ingredients creates an amazing illusion of brightened skin; allowing people who have dark pigments achieve that glow-worthy brightness they’ve been chasing after.

Here are some simple solutions, mild enough for even those with sensitive skins or allergies:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Widely known as an antiseptic and somewhat of all-purpose home item.
Mix half tablespoon apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon water before application onto neck / armpits by using a ball of cotton wool or pad; do this twice daily.

Potato Power

  • Two small potatoes (may vary based on area)
    Peel off potato shells and place them into blender adding two tablespoons honey into it as well.
    Slowly massage yourself repeatedly thus allow residue leave glued unto affected areas avoiding excessive rubbing, wash off afterwards.

Lighten Up!

We forget how much our choice of clothing affects darkened armpits.
Switching out tight fitting clothes can assist in breathing new air preventing buildup at sections prone to discoloration.

Would you believe, Loosely fitted fabrics would unknowingly change your life? You finally get rid of unsightly patches without really doing so much!

Look After Your Skin To Prevent Dark Patches

Taking care starts by being mindful in anything we apply directly onto it. Creams which contain alcohol base may be counterproductive resulting in clogged pores thus lead to other problems. Being selective when indulging makes all the difference especially if unsure about any foreign body contact!

Watch Out For:

  • Tight Fabric Choice
  • Fragrances leaving behind residues and also causing irritation
    Avoid :
  • Keeping dry patches from forming around problem areas
  • Stains caused by Chemical Deodorants

For best results:
Instead switch up chemical deodorants/fragrances with healthier/organic brands which use natural ingredients. Also take it a step further by moisturizing regularly and using dermatologist recommended products!