How do you get a gum abscess?

Have you ever woken up with your cheek looking like one of those stuffed hamsters from Petco, only to realize that it’s not just the result of an unfortunate sleep position but actually something much more painful and serious? Well, my friend, you might have a gum abscess. And no, it’s not some exotic new flavor of bubblegum.

So how does one get such a delightful-sounding condition in their mouth? Let me break it down for you.


A gum abscess is basically a pocket of pus that forms in the gums as a result of bacterial infection. It can be incredibly painful and if left untreated can lead to more serious dental issues like tooth loss or damage to surrounding bones or tissues. So yeah, definitely not something you want to ignore!

Poor Dental Hygiene

One common cause of gum abscesses is poor dental hygiene. When we don’t brush and floss regularly, bacteria builds up in our mouths and can eventually lead to infections. This infection then causes inflammation within the gums which can progress into an abscess over time.

Pro tip: brush at least twice a day (preferably after meals) and floss daily to keep pesky bacteria at bay!

Trauma or Injury

Another possible cause of gum abscesses is trauma or injury to the mouth area. For example, if you accidentally bite down on something hard or suffer from any other type of physical injury around your teeth/gums area- this could trigger off an infection leading well into absess-town

Don’t forget, accidents happen all the time so always exercise caution when chomping away whilst feeling angry about your partner’s zoom background during lunch.

Untreated Cavities

Untreated cavities are also known culprits behind creating these gross little pockets full o’food trapped between teeth leading to infection of the gums. Cavities can cause tooth decay, which can then infect the surrounding gums and develop into an abscess if left untreated.

Pro tip: go see your dentist regularly (we promise they’re not as scary as you think) to avoid cavities and other unwanted mouth guests!

Poor Nutrition

Yup, what we eat has a huge impact on our oral health too! A diet heavy in sugar or processed foods increases our risk for developing gum disease or infections since it allows bacteria to thrive in your mouth – leading the charge into absess-ville yet again.

So maybe next time skip that extra slice of cake…even though don’t lie, you know you want it.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is another common cause behind getting these pesky little abscesses. When inflammation spreads beyond just one area in your mouth/teeth due to gum illness like periodontitis, this leads to serious complications like well formed abscesses over a prolonged vehicle…I mean time period…

Pro tip: cut down on tobacco smoking/drinking alcohol consumption where possible; these habits compromise overall oral hygiene resulting management problems with bacterial growth fueling aftermath issues such as this rather vile condition called “gum Absecess”.


As with all medical conditions, there are various ways in which one can get a gum abscess but proper dental care is critical whether implementing healthy food choices or personal daily teeth grooming/sanitation routines so its best practice that daily attention be given here folks by taking precautions against allowing any chance of poor dental hygiene becoming rampant. Hopefully this article provided adequate enlightenment around how exactly people become cursed with icky things lurking within their mouths known as ‘Absesses’ 😖 We wish you happy (and healthy!) brushing!