How do you find your?

Have you ever lost your keys and spent hours tearing apart your entire house just to find them in the most obvious spot? We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and can make us feel like we’re losing our minds.

But finding physical objects is one thing – what about when it comes to finding ourselves? What does that even mean? And how do we go about doing it? Don’t worry, dear reader. Today, we’re going to explore these questions (and maybe more) with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

The Journey Starts Within

It’s cliché but true: the journey to finding yourself starts within. There are plenty of self-help books or articles out there that claim they have the secret recipe for discovering who you truly are as if it’s some kind of treasure map where X marks the spot (spoiler alert: it isn’t).

The reality is that no one else can tell you who you are; only you know that deep down inside (cue dramatic music). But where do you start?

Get To Know Yourself

So often we get caught up with what other people expect from us that we forget to ask ourselves what WE want. A fulfilled life doesn’t come by prioritizing someone’s expectations over yours. Take some time alone- meditate or journal (or binge-watch Netflix) without any external distractions so that you can cultivate self-awareness – this means getting familiarized with your fears, desires, strengths and weaknesses.

Keep Learning

Life has a never-ending cycle of growth and change which implies possibilities – not boundaries! Continuously embarking on new experiences both big and small will potentially guide unrecognized passions surfacing interest on certain fields making way for better proactivity towards fulfilling aspirations leading eventually into satisfaction!

Embrace Your Uniqueness

This world would be an awfully boring place if we were all the same, wouldn’t it? Look for those little things that set you apart from everyone else – your quirks, eccentricities (like drinking black coffee with pancakes) and interests. Embrace them! Our differences make us special.

Finding Inspiration

Now that we’ve established some ideas of where to start our journey of self-discovery let’s move on to finding inspiration along the way!

Listen To Your Intuition

Ever felt a nagging feeling in your gut before making a decision but ignored it only realizing much later its importance? That is intuition- an unconscious perception that guides you through understanding without reasoning. Don’t forget to trust yourself when plagued by uncertainty because often as not your intuition knows best even when doubts exist within yourself.

Discovering Role Models

Yes, having role models isn’t just for teenagers who want to emulate their favorite celebrity-gymnast-phd holder-tv host-hyperactive person anymore; there are genuine individuals out there who can guide you towards discovering inspirational stories or principles setting path towards achievement of goals aligned with long-term happiness & fulfillment. However, learn also Learn from those negative role models showcasing what not-to-do

Seek Knowledge And Teach Others

It’s almost impossible finding growth in complete solitude – connect with different people possessing experiences diverse from ours leading into gaining new perspectives bringing constructive changes inside oneself while enhancing chances connecting with like-minded others aiming similar goals

Staying On The Right Path

The journey can often be more difficult than one anticipates presenting whether significant wins or overwhelming loss always retain focus on progression despite outcomes

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is something easy yet overlooked time and again It’s no rocket-science neither does require intense effort involves focusing/acknowledging good parts present at life rather than ruminating over negative moments allowing positive vibrations molding perceptions helping better cope up anxiety hardships during harder episodes giving forward momentum future


Short-term and long-term goals come with hurdles, but that shouldn’t stop you from pushing forward. Keep moving towards your desires- if one strategy fails, try another without letting temporary setbacks hold-back self-belief.


Finding yourself probably won’t happen overnight (unless you had an enlightened epiphany like Buddha) – consider it a lifelong journey of discovering who YOU are and what makes you happy (personal definition though). It’s not easy, but by implementing some of the strategies above, we can make finding ourselves less overwhelming (and kinda fun! Maybe?).

Besides no matter how naive it might sound when feeling lost somewhere within oneself always remind: there isn’t any right or wrong pathway – just inspiration-guided walks leading to different yet meaningful scars.( This is where ‘life is about the journey-not-the destination’ quote comes in handy) Happy walking!

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