How do you do a bleach bath on hair?

Are you adventurous? Bold? Always looking for something new to try with your hair?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a bleach bath. But what exactly is a
bleach bath, and how do you do it without frying your locks like an egg in hot oil? Look no further!
We’ve got all the steps and tips that will help make your bleach bath experience a success.

What’s a Bleach Bath Exactly?

A bleach bath is similar to regular hair bleach-ing, but diluted! It involves mixing hydrogen peroxide and
shampoo together into a paste-like substance; this mixture lightens hair without damaging the scalp or roots.
This method of bleaching is best suited for those who want their natural tresses only slightly lighter.
It also requires less processing time so as not to damage your mane too much.

Preparing and Mixing Your Ingredients

Before we start making anything out of our laboratory (aka kitchen), here are some items you need
for this exciting experiment:
Hydrogen Peroxide- 10 volume(for seriously healthy virgin hair) or 20 volumes(for more color treated people).
Good quality shampoo- anti-dandruff shampoo would be preferable because it leaves no residue.
Keep mild ones at bay. Also keep the pH balance in consideration.
Water — preferably cold water (or whatever temperature won’t burn)
Gloves – use them unless bright pink palms scream “fashion statement” (eyeroll.)

Now that we have everything ready let’s start making magic or funnily enough bleaching-
1. Get yourself either some plastic gloves if using latex triggers rashes else go bare-handed -Wolverine style.(Hey don’t blame us if you look weird doing half-hearted claw movements.)
2. Take one part shampoo and one part hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. The ratio is usually 1:2 of the developer to the shampoo amounts, but this will vary on your preferences as well.
3. Mix them vigorously until you see bubbles(Warning- If the mixture starts fizzing like an overflowing champagne bottle then chances are that either proportions might be off or it has become too warm).
4. Now keep adding water slowly into this mixture till enough to cover all hair sections.(Here’s where our lovely little table comes into play.

Measurements Desired Amount
Shampoo (mild- recommended) Equal amount as peroxide
Peroxide Volume 10 (healthy virgin) /volume 20(for treated)- Recommended) Equal amount as shampoo(unless required otherwise)
Water Enough for complete coverage over hair
6. And voila! Your bleach bath mix should be ready(drum roll.)

However, if you value caution more than instinct feel free to go ahead with lesser grams of mixing agents which would always give subtle results but save from having outright orange colored horror show strands at least!


Now we have mixed up the perfect blend concoction of chemicals let’s proceed further-
Before diving headfirst here are some precautionary measures:
Wear protective gear – old clothes, towels draped around so that forehead borders don’t aggravate post processing marks etc.
Select a clean non-metallic bowl since metallic bowls can react adversely with bleach taking away precious minutes
of soaking time during application -not cool at all.
Never use any conditioner or oil before bleaching; they make your scalp greasy and slow down oxidation rate — anything less than optimal potency may result in disastrous consequences(one hellish brittle look).RSVP

Let us move on…
Application Time!
(Making sure you follow these steps carefully.)
1. Dampen Hair after washing(if possible use an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep any residue at bay and dry towel wipe extra moisture).
2. Section out the hair with bobby pins or dividers (Since we don’t want mixture running down)
3. Begin by applying the mixture from the roots, working all through to the ends,
If you have sensitive scalp use a brush instead of fingers for uniformity.
4. Cover your hair with a shower cap/ plastic bag for 20 -45 minutes based on how light you desire the end product.
5.Make sure that none is dripping from hair because it could lead to weird looking patches/light spots along
with not giving consistent outcome.

  1. Rinse thoroughly (until water runs clear, which would be helpful when avoiding burns later) with cold water(more suitable since hot may damage strands further now.)
    7.Apply conditioner afterwards.Use some tips mentioned below (especially oils)to recover better-
  2. Argan oil- strengthens
  3. Jojoba oil- moisturizes
  4. Coconut oil and sweet almond oil maybe worth having around too.

Post-application Care

You did it! You bleached your own hair!!!! where’s confetti
What comes after? Skipping this part could lead to little white flakes as well as bizarre itching(not comfortable)
Without further ado give attention to:
1. Rinsing off completely: Remember ‘running-clear’ ?
2.Follow wash-up dedicated habits: Use sulfate-free,chlorine free shampoos post bleach processing.Pamper strands using deep conditioning masks,treatments(irrespective of them nourishing also provide strength,a key factor in preventing breakage.) Hydrating balms can play major role here.
3.Risk no heat styling Because style aftermaths oopsies could mean split-ends(Why do they exist again?),texture irregularities,you name those!

Tips For Rockin’ Newly Bleached Strands

Don’t just stop at bleaching! Keep your new-lookin’ hair healthy and rockin’. Here are some useful tips:
Use purple shampoos(it cuts down on brassiness).
Skip brushing wet bleached hair, use combs instead.
Hold off on heat styling tools(darn!)
Use natural oils once a week for deep conditioning(Vital reminder!)

With these ultra-insightful(we tend to think so!)tips in mind, go flaunt those shiny locks of yours!(but if all goes awry don’t forget our contact details #JustSaying)


You’ve made it to the end of this guide! We hope you found it helpful and informative.
Remember: bleach baths can be a fun way to change up your look, but they also require
some caution(Seriously!). Be sure to follow any instructions explicitly,
and take care of your newly lightened strands with the utmost tenderness.

May Your Future-Bleach Encounters Be Enlightening and Not-Fiasco Filled!

Disclaimer: But keep realistic expectations since however rewarding an experience might seems(thanks curiosity!), too much processing could result in major damages(well less than sparkling effect certainties). It is important to understand limitations linked whether genetically or past chemical treatments wise thereby keeping up with visible health dynamics from then on forwards.

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