How do you contract hand foot mouth disease?

If you’re looking for a virus that combines the charm of diaper rash and cold sores, look no further than hand-foot-mouth disease. While it sounds like something a witch might have in her spell book, HFMD is actually a common illness that affects both adults and children under the age of five. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how exactly one contracts this pesky ailment.

What is Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease

Before diving into all the ways you can latch onto HFMD like a koala to eucalyptus tree, let’s first take a second to examine what this mysterious malady actually is.

Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease (HFMD) is caused by viruses such as coxsackievirus A16 or enterovirus 71 (EV71). These viruses initially target nerve endings around your throat but quickly spread through your body via your blood vessels until they reach places such as hands, feet and occasionally other areas including buttocks.

Now that you know what HFMD really means from beyond its cryptic name let’s dive right into contracting it!

Symptoms of HFMD

When infected with these viruses there will be some early indicating symptoms which include:

  • Sore Throat
  • Painful Blisters on Even more Painful Areas (haha kidding?) Such As:
    • Oral Cavities
    • Palms
    • Soles
  • General Malaise Feeling

While these symptoms are present; it would add insult upon injury if copious amounts of diarrhea begin superseding existing discomforts…let us pause for effect…Things just went from bad to worse didn’t they? Well guess what?! You’ve officially geared up for full fledged battle against HFMD now

Causes Of HMFD

So while we may have put up a brave front, let’s acknowledge the down-to-face reality of contracting Hand-foot disease…that is–knowing its causes.

HFMD is caused by close intimate contact with someone carrying the virus including inhaling sneeze or cough droplets which are floating around in the air as well just shaking hands; and when people (sounds reminiscent right:) ) extend their germs through surfaces on items like utensils, tables And That Door Knob– your homeboy is going to unknowingly catch it too – chivalry won’t save them now!)

So not rinsing your oh-so-loved feculent lips after touching someone who’s already infected with HFMD will simply increase likelihood of matching each other’s sores over a “casual” drink round at The Hive.

Incubation Period

After kissing that person good-bye, you’ll begin developing symptoms within three to seven days–sometimes even longer! However because fate may have decided this wasn’t enough let me give you another fun fact about incubation periods- Someone could be walking around spreading that sweet sweet HFMD infection honey without ever showing symptoms themselves (ouch). Now one can spread infections proactively whilst never having any inkiling something was amiss. Talk about underdogs…breathes heavy

As for how long someone remains contagious? Don’t start feeling comfortable yet!!! -It really does vary upon immunity strength and severity however those generally affected by stronger cases would remain infectious till perhaps weeks later. It’s important keeping yourself away from physical intimacy until completely cured!

Who Is More At Risk?

Any individual can contract hand foot mouth disease but infants generally tend to have weaker immune systems making them more vulnerable whereas adults usually carry higher immunity but combined effects such as stress may make recovery negligible which means both children and adults could easily become victims if constantly exposed to carriers of the viruses particularly through sources such as crowded daycare centers.

HFMD Prevention

Prevention which is better than cure really applies here since it’s easier to avoid spreading viruses than healing from the intricate cluster of yucky blisters carpeting all over your body.

Here are some useful ways to prevent transmission:

  • Reducing close intimate contact with someone already affected by or may have come in contact with infected surfaces etc.
  • Constantly and personally practicing good hygiene habits such as washing hands especially before meals, after using restrooms & protecting mouth, nose coughs and sneezes pollution.
  • Sanitizing household objects to hinder possible virus transfer/ contamination

What’s justifiable; it certainty hurt nobody (or our egos) putting subtle pressure on people who’re around us such as asking them what precautions they’ve taken obviously without being overtly aggressive! After all we’d like everyone safe regardless of personal quarrels right?

Treatment For HMFD

In this day and age there exist no vaccines that will protect you when slapped with HFMD therefore prevention measures rely solely upon physical cleanliness/maintenance though treatment strategies include:
– Sipping fluids
– Putting together simple eating plans favorably comprising cool/ lukewarm soft foods rather utilizing spice heavy ones
– Keeping warm salt water handy for regular rinsing within orally growing sores tender regions
– Applying cold cloths onto sore spots (the real deal!)

The most important thing anyone afflicted can do if things worsen should seek professional medical help rather than wait things out themselves at home. It truly doesn’t get more straightforward!!!!

So now that you know how easy yet painful getting hand foot mouth disease Can Be, put ample effort into proceeding cautiously taking preventative measures knowing completely well both children and adults hold viable chances through carrying powerful immune systems against contracting similar diseases while remaining cautious till the end!!!

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