How do u wax your eyebrows?

Eyebrow waxing is an excellent way to get beautifully shaped brows. It’s quick, easy and (believe me or not) much more effective than plucking or threading. This guide will show you how to do it the right way, with all tips and tricks revealed.

Why Should You Wax Your Brows?

Before diving into the process itself, let’s take a look at some reasons why eyebrow waxing is worth considering:

1. Saves Time

Waxing your eyebrows is quicker than other methods like tweezing or threading as you can remove multiple hairs in one go.

2. Results last longer

Typically, after brow waxing (done properly), simple maintenance of strays is required every two weeks or so, unlike those pesky little hairs that seem to return within a few days after plucking them out.

3. Neater Appearance

It creates cleaner and more defined edges giving them a groomed and neat appearance.

Choosing The Right Wax Strips

The first step for any successful hair removal session starts with selecting the right type of wax strips based on your skin type, hair thickness/color preferences:

1) Type of Strip: Want strips that contain beeswax? Non-woven fabric? Pre-cut? These are considerations before buying;

2) Hair Thickness/Color: If you have finer hair strands with lighter color combinations – then – thinner heavy-duty facial waxes provides an option; while thicker sturdier options provide for thicker coarse eyebrow growths;

3) Skin Sensitivity: Before starting make sure to test if our chosen brand does not cause allergic reaction — this could be done by testing behind ears,during patch tests etc

Additionally consider whether heated wax strip suits better over non-heated ones in terms spa-like treatments

Cleaning Up & Primming

Cleanse and tone the area first, to ensure that there is no dirt or oil on your skin. This helps wax strip stick better onto pores thus properly removing unwanted hairs.

Follow these quick steps:

1) Cleanse : Gently remove makeup/ any excess natural oils with a cotton pad and facial cleanser

2) Exfoliate: Use of triangle cornered sponges lightly exfoliates around eyebrow areas results in smoother skin for effective waxing.

3)Alcohol Swab

It’s always best practice to have an afterwax treatment handy, one containing soothing ingredients like chamomile extract lest we forget swabs containing alcohol are important as well- known disinfectants.

Prepare To Wax

Get Everything You Need In Place so you won’t get distracted by running up and down looking for stuff after starting.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Wax strips
  2. Scissors (in case they need trimming)
  3. Mirror (preferably magnifying), perched at eye-level ensuring visibility while working downwards.
  4. Tweezers (We might not catch them all with the initial application – right?)

Make sure you do NOT apply self tanning lotion before starting as this will affect hair removal process

Instructions For Waxing Your Eyebrows

Finally, Let’s look at how to genuinely get it done step-by-step:

Step 1: After cleansing/exfoliating/cleaning -at this point don’t bother applying lotions they inevitably obstruct effectiveness of strands hence fresh & dry works perfect-, Grab your wax strip but make sure it is warm enough if from heated supply otherwise proceed with heating instructions provided in packaging.

Step 2: Prep the Skin Area Around The Brows With Powder , Dust powder around brows which should be ideally light and translucent eg talc / cornstarch – this ensures proper grip between hairs and strips along pain-reduction.

Step 3: Apply and spread Wax Strips strips downward in one go from top to bottom. If they are too long cut, size down with scissors.

Step 4: Press Firml : After proper application you can press hard on the strip for an efficient grabber into hairs (place thumbs underneath eyebrows) Remember no pain no gain

Step 5: Swiftly Pull The Strip Off remember to do so with brisk upward motion using closer fingers towards hair growth direction this mitigates time also reduces chances of strand breakage

Tweeze what remains
Now that we’ve dealt with most areas – use tweezers for a bit of precision as per left over single strands or even some stingy ones

Repeat process until desired shape is achieved.


Congratulations, Job well done! .You’ve just waxed your own eyebrows like a true champ. It may take getting used to but learning how to sugar wax properly will give you satisfaction knowing those brows were done by nobody else other than yourself – penny saved .

BONUS TIP- Remember post-wax care goes extra mile in terms of smoothness & less offalgeies as it hinders bacterial infestation under open pores + we won’t forget sunscreen when going out shall we?

Despite all these highlighted steps its best practice avoiding self-waxing larger areas unless experienced otherwise get yer risk assessments right beforehand !

Happy Waxing Folks ……

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