How do i take the morning after pill?

Let’s face it, accidents happen all the time. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about fender benders; I’m referring to unwanted pregnancies that can ruin your life forever! The morning after pill is a small window of hope for those who wish to avoid such disasters. In this article, we will be discussing how you can take the morning after pill like a pro while keeping it humorous and informative.

What Is The Morning After Pill?

Before we dive into the details of taking this magical pill, let us first review what exactly it is.

The morning after pill or plan B contraceptive is an emergency contraceptive meant for use in preventing pregnancy post-unprotected sexual intercourse. It functions by averting ovulation or fertilization if taken within 72 hours (or roughly 3 days) following intercourse.

Do note that Plan B isn’t equivalent to abortion pills as they work best before conception occurs rather than afterwards with abortion pills.

When Should You Take The Morning After Pill?

It’s crucial to remember that Plan B should only be used as a last resort because unprotected sex comes with various sexually transmitted infections(STIs) risks instead whenever possible employ other preventive measures and make sure both partners agree.

Once you’ve committed yourself without much thought or cautionary processes however, here’s when you should consider using it:

  • If you forget or fail adhesive patch/birth control pills
  • Failed condom use/ No condoms available
  • Slippery finger-touching session where any sperm might accidentally get inside

But hold on there cowboy/cowgirl(/cowperson?) no judgement. plenty of people ranging from PhD scholars down low-key hoes utilize these methods one way or another so don’t feel so bad please?

Just remember that its effectiveness reduces with each passing day once intercourse takes place thus must be administered quickly and within the given time-frame to prevent any unwanted outcomes.

How Does One Obtain The Pill?

The morning after pill can be obtained at most local drug stores, nearest pharmacy or family planning clinics/franchise simply by walking in and asking for a pack under over-the-counter purchase (OTC). Alternatively, you could seek the advice of qualified medical practitioners like doctors, nurses or pharmacists.

Note that Plan B contraceptive pills cost an average of 40-45 USD thus always make sure to carry some extra cash just in case.

A Step-By-Step Guide on Taking The Morning After Pill

I hope your safety was worth it! Now let’s get down to business.

If you’ve already visited a clinic with zero luck locating one-by all means listen up:

  1. Check For Potential Side Effects(cannot emphasize this enough) Cramps/nausea are relatively common
  2. Take the entire packet at once swallowing without chewing-if required drink water or a liquid sustenance such as juice/milk
  3. Relax until the medication does its thing(at least no ‘action’ atleast till done vomiting unfortunately)

It is important not to select options such as specific hours before consuming else we might end up taking it too late than necessary which puts us right back where we started from!

Remember that medicine affects everyone differently hence don’t fret if your body has varying reaction times/results notwithstanding visit trusted centers nearby for consultations/support specifically those attuned towards reproductive factors.

What If You Vomit After Taking The Morning After Pill?

Nobody likes throwing up regardless-much less when there’s more at stake~!! So if god forbid someone tends to purge post-pill consumption; worry not gents/ladies(wink-wink)there are viable alternatives available:

Plan b makes use of Levonorgestrel-repackaged in two doses-but one must swallow both at once. It’s common for some patients to involuntarily throw up shortly after consumiring promptly ruining our ride on the baby-carrier coaster.

In such cases, try and consult medical support/service near you(they’re there primarily to help hope you knew). My competent sources tell me(actually i am one hehe)if thrown up within 2 hours of consumption – it technically resembles swallowing nothing all together

Does Plan B Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Sadly not! Infections from sexual intercourse can be better prevented by opting for components asides single-dose prevention medication notably- latex condoms are effective at reducing chances of diseases including HIV.

Other forms of contraceptive techniques include:

  1. Cervical caps
  2. Birth control shots
  3. Diaphragms

Although these options provide no guarantees when pertaining infections unlike plan b; many people prefer them due to how they do not posess high levels of estrogen that could pose health risks/stroke occurrences amongst other issues

Can You Use The Morning After Pill As A Regular Contraceptive Method?

Although our little pill is relatively safe having lesser side-effects than its counterparts (plus its cheap comparatively); it still isn’t a replacement component for traditional pregnancy protection pills meant explicitly for daily usage!

So please don’t utilize this product like your everyday multi-vitamins beloved readers(but again-whatever floats your boat!!)

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects Associated With Using The Morning After Pill Frequently?

Frequently taking emergency contraceptives could jeopardize menstrual cycles immensely especially if done consistently over long periods.

The morning after pill essentially causes spikes in hormones that regulate eggs’ release which also hint towards sore breasts/vomiting issues depending on individual allergenic factors!

Hence it remains best only used during emergencies or unexpected incidents that put us in potential danger specifically with attempted pregnancies.

And…we’re done! Despite the sheer importance of consciously utilizing preventive measures like condoms and birth-control pills wherever possible in decreasing pregnancy risks, accidents still happen. The morning after pill serves a viable solution for situations that aren’t wholly under our control such as failed contraceptive methods, unprotected sex or broken condom during intercourse.

Finally it remains imperative when dealing with emergency contraceptives to follow instructions properly especially when taking Plan B, seek medical help where necessary and adopt positive habits outside sexual encounters ensuring safety is paramount at all times(wouldn’t want any little tikes running around now would we?!!)

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