How do i stop bleeding from a shaving cut?

Congratulations, you’ve managed to become one of the many people who has nicked themselves while shaving. Don’t worry though, it’s not like you’re alone in this club or anything. We’ve all been there and done that. The real question is how do you stop bleeding from a shaving cut? Luckily for you, we have plenty of tips and tricks up our sleeve.

First Things First

Before we dive into the actual “how-to,” let’s talk about why these pesky cuts happen in the first place. You can thank your razor for those skin-deep wounds [1]. While some people may find comfort in holding onto their trusty go-to blade, others might need to switch things up with different types of razors such as electric ones or safety razors.

Types of Razors That Might Help You Out

Razor Type Description
Electric Razors Use rotating blades behind a guard to trim hair without actually touching skin
Safety Razors Have only one blade which decreases chances of cutting delicate areas
Straight Razors Requires expertise but excellent precision keep in mind where arteries are located

If using different razors doesn’t help much because every time feels like Russian roulette then take certain measures before going on a shaving spree:

  • Thoroughly clean razers before use
  • Ensure skins is washed with warm water beforehand
  • Consider using pre-shave oil/moisturizer prior to application

Getting Started

So now that we know what causes these bloody nuisances let’s get down to business cue mulan song. If you’ve nicked yourself don’t panic! Chances are it looks worse than it actually is; especially if you’re coming off hot from watching an action movie – adrenalize could be coursing through your veins at this point.

Take a Deep Breath and Follow These Steps

  1. Apply Pressure: This is first thing you need to do! Grab some tissue paper or toilet roll and apply pressure on the wound for about two minutes or until it stops bleeding, whichever comes first. (As tempting as it would be don’t use duct tape)

  2. Fun fact, doing this creates a barrier that temporarily halts blood flow so new platelets can form leading to clotting [2].

  3. Impart Wisdom From Old Wives’ Tales: Even if we are not particularly superstitious there is no harm in trying out some of these unconventional solutions.

    Myth Explanation
    Apply Lip Balm/ Deodorant or Toothpaste Has ingredients like glycerin helping with scab formation
  4. Allergic Reaction Red Flags: If itching/swelling happens within ten minutes of shaving then it’s possible there could be an allergic reaction from either blade/material used or your skin may just have become more sensitive over time; Spot treatment of diphenhydramine can solve this [3].

  5. Reach for Styptic Pencils / Alum Stones :

Both items contain aluminum sulfate which helps reduce bleeding by causing vasoconstriction – shrinkage of the nearby blood vessels while sealing the deal at wounding site.

  1. Close Up Shop: Once everything has stopped bleeding properly rinse area thoroughly yet gently under warm water getting rid off any remaining dirt etc., wait awhile popping/cutting regular acne gets worsen when fresh wounds abound.

The Aftermath

Just because you’ve stopped the bleeding doesn’t mean all our worries dissappear- now onto recovery phase!

A Few Tips:

Prepare Cautionary Tale

It might sound like common sense but avoid hitting/rubbing the affected area for at least 24 hours after applying liquid/pencil. It’s best to abstain from any activities that could cause the scab or clot to come back off; even doing light exercises right after is a bit of a no-go [4].

Cover it Up

One option is to cover the cut with band-aid make sure skin is dry before placing one on because being too moist leads adhesives not sticking as well.

Another solution might be putting bread’s stuffing inside pantyhose/ nylons, then tying in knot marking where cut sits onto stretchy fiber while wearing for added protection [5].

Moisturize, Moisturize!

Applying some extra moisturizer won’t hurt you since healthy and rejuvenated skin recovers faster than dry flaky skin. Burt’s bees balm consisting of vitamin E oil can soothe irritated patch if need be – plus enjoying its natural peppermint scent along way.

When Should I Worry?

Even with precautions taken now and afterwards there are still times when calling doctor should happen provided:

  • The bleeding simply does not stop even after using styptic pencils/alum blocks
  • Bleeding doesn’t subside within ten minutes
  • Cuts greater than an inch long prove problematic

Disclaimer: This guide isn’t meant to diagnose or serve as medical advice which means consult actual licensed professional instead of trusting Dr.Google

Wrapping Things Up

Shaving cuts are the worst but they’re like a rite-of-passage so congratulations again in joining an exclusive club! Remember – apply pressure first & keep calm later – emergency services aren’t necessary (yet!). By considering every step outlined here eventually managing shaves will become less scarier. Keep your wits about you and don’t forget old wives’ tales!