How do i moisturize my natural hair?

Are you tired of having dry, brittle, and lifeless natural hair? Well, it’s time to put those bad hair days behind you and start taking care of your crown! In this article, we’ll guide you through the best ways to moisturize and take care of your natural tresses.

Understanding Your Hair Type

Before we dive into the tips for moisturizing your hair, let’s talk about the different types of natural hair. There are four main categories:

Type 4A

Type 4A hair is tightly coiled with a defined curl pattern. It tends to be fragile and break easily if not properly maintained.

Type 4B

Type 4B hair has a more zig-zag pattern with less defined curls than type 4A. This type can often shrink up to 70% in its natural state.

Type 4C

Type 4C hair has a very tight coil that appears similar to pencil lead when stretched out. This type can be prone to extreme dryness due to the tight coils making it harder for oils from the scalp to reach down each strand.

Type 3C

For our curly-haired beauties out there, type 3C falls under this category, which is made up of loose curls that range from bouncy spirals to corkscrew-like ringlets.

Knowing what kind of locks you possess will aid in choosing products specific for your needs.

Tips To Moisturize Your Tresses

  1. Water Is Bae

Well well well, who would have thought water was essential?! But yes – good old H2O is an absolute game-changer when looking at effective moisturisation strategies (for pretty much everything really). Drinking enough water helps hydrate not only skin but also encourages healthy follicle growth by providing hydration straight from within!

  1. Shampooing

Switch up your shampoo sessions to every two weeks or less frequently. Higher frequency causes hair dryness and strip’s natural oils the scalp produces each day.

  1. Conditioner

Conditioner is key when it comes to keeping our hair supple as well as adding shine! Lock in moisture by deep conditioning with a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour using an intensive conditioner, at least once a week!

  1. The Good Oil

Natural Oils such; Coconut oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Argan oil are great at quenching that thirst of dry natural hair – Just make sure you leave them on long enough for adequate absorption (optimal time frame: overnight)

  1. Satin/Silk Bonnets Or Pillowcases? Have Both If You Can!

Avoid rough pillowcases which irritate your strands throughout the night due to rubbing against ‘coarse’ material – switching to soft bonnets/satin ones can help preserve shapes from more defined hairstyles like twists-outs/braid-outs etc.

  1. Leave-In Conditioners/ Hair Butters/Balms

Leave-in conditioners, butters and balms work best when applied only after completing washing routines of shampoos and general rinses off excess liquids post-application since they will be able to absorb better this way.

7 . Folding To Hair Steam Treatments/Systematic Moisturization Routine
A good method would involve experimenting with steam treatments that rehydrate dried curl types by supplying direct wet heat throughout portions beginning with root heading downwards through work towards ends yielding good conductivity from roots in life protein precipitation inducing moisture into follicle surface leaving curls renewed giving ample option too freshen feel of locks regularly exposing them nice gentle warm feeling via shower steam heads reaching one’s own standard type mark surfaces.

Products To Moisturize Your Hair

  1. Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Nourishing Oil

This light-weight oil is perfect for hot-oil treatments as its blend of oils mixed with a refreshing mint scent provides nourishment for the scalp ultimately promoting healthy hair growth.

  1. Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair

An excellent leave-in conditioner, this product contains almond milk and comes in spray form which makes it easy to use.

  1. Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel

A game-changer when wanting a sleek bun or laid-down edges, delicate on the natural curls given its no crunch formula used for definition whatever look you’re going for.

  1. Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner

Not only does it come serving deep hydration but also leaves that fruity fragrance too!

DIY Tips To Moisturize Your Hair

  1. Avocado Mask

Mash one ripe avocado until creamy makeup fitted best item size basis targeted areas do thoroughly ensuring little waste attained after application all over head covering tips hair/lips/nails (Unboxing fun).

2 . Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

This toner balances out pH levels making sure along with being good acne treatment an extra boost against dryness without stripping away sebum whilst rinsing giving curl room softening build-up .

  1. Honey & Olive Oil Nutrient Rich Elixir.

Table 1 – Easy Natural Hair Cocktail Recipes For Dry And Dehydrated Natural Hair

Natural Ingredient Quantities Needed Instructions
Fresh Aloe Vera 1 cup Add blender then puree ready apply any sections breakdown permitted type required nutrient output applicable ensure sections well-covered style needed exposure\
leave on strands ASAP before direct cotton coverage applied wash days recover off to yield smooth moisturized feel .
Raw Curd/Yogurt Half Cup Mix with honey being careful not mix more than necessary – add separate bowl given 5 tablespoons combined with this water until it reaches smooth consistency possible)\ Squirt half lemon slice stir mixture offering well-whisked liquid every 6-7 days. Apply scalp/hair naturally dried out by leaving treatment beyond set shedding time of 20 minutes rinsing thoroughly ideally shower after delivering steam intensive while deep underwater basin
soak some hairs post session make comfy
Raw Unrefined Shea Butter One Cup Heating butter adding single soothing five teaspoons coconut oil evening oils together until perfect ratio obtained enjoying soft dull curls said week or as preferred!.

Now you have a range of easy DIY moisturisers that will keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous.

Final Thoughts

Caring for natural hair is an ongoing process but implementing these tips we’ve given you above can really elevate your overall curl health! With simple techniques such as steam and regular usage of the right products, those bad hair days should officially be over sooner rather than later!

It’s important to remember everyone’s hair type is different so don’t worry if something doesn’t work for you initially, try another technique/approach until experiencing positive results! Good luck on your journey to healthy hydrated locks!