How do i measure my vo2 max?

Welcome to the world of badass fitness, where you’re out here trying to measure your VO2 max! It’s a great step in the right direction towards better health and longevity. But, trust me when I say this – it ain’t easy! Here’s what you need to know before we jump into how do you measure your VO2 max.

What is VO2 Max?

If you think that by understanding what exactly is VO2 max, measuring it would be an easy task, then honey let me tell you are wrong! Let us first learn about what we mean by term “VO2 max” so things make more sense.

VO₂max is frankly just short for maximal oxygen uptake – which describes essentially how much oxygen muscle tissue can use in one minute or a unit of time during strenuous exercise (you smell like smart fitness enthusiast now don’t ya?). In simpler terms, if engine power were equated to physical ability (which it essentially does) – then voila- vo² max tells us our maximum engine power!

Measuring the magic number is no walk in the park either. You see why people pay through their noses for such crap?! Apart from its complexity and thorough regime of testing involved , several factors contribute factors affecting this value; including metabolism (whispers yes slow ones…), age (plenty excuses for elder folk huh?), sex (let’s not even go there!), caffeine intake (coffee lovers raise up!), altitude (#mountainbikers.),
and various other personal habits combine together with genetics giving rise to differences among individuals.

Why Measure Your VO₂Max

You might ask yourself but why go through all these steps if finding out my vo² max doesn’t seem quite necessary….. well read on funny soul!.

Well first off people who tend to ‘dabble” greatly tend to measure their vo2 max– some activities like long-distance running, cycling and skiing are correlated with higher as well as cardiac output (blood volume sent from heart in a minute), of which is linked to fitness level. This can be useful for those participating in such sports on enthusiast , semi-professional level or even professional.

Similarly determining your VO₂max could shine light on overall cardiovascular health status . It may also act as motivator highlighting the fact that whether exercise program coupled with certain diet regime (please not just supplements) are yielding positive results towards improving ones endurance capabilities.

Steps To Measure Your VO₂Max

On-board for measuring it? Okay! But first let us learn how which few methods one can use to measure Vo² and what equipment/rationale they involve:

1) Lab testing method

The most reliable method used typically involves expensive lab-based equipment accompanied by specialist monitoring throughout the entire test period.
To determine an individual’s maximal oxygen uptake (VO₂max),
test subjects perform progressive treadmill run-to-failure tests set incrementally tougher after each stage until exhaustion causes discontinue treadmill activity. Carbon dioxide production via ventilation rate measurement vs aerobic workload levels is then calculated allowing determination of said maximal oxygen consumption under exertion scenarios.

2) Field Testing Method

If performing stress testing on the body isn’t quite “your thing”, field testing methods may come handy!

– Cooper Test Methods

Cooper test entails sub maximum distance runs at highest pace possible for given distance , within a specific time frame . Common examples include Pacer/Audio beep tests etc).

– Astrand-Rhyming Cycle Ergometer Test

This protocol was developed against using a bike ergometer accompanied by respiratory gas analysis during various standard workloads.

### Wearable technology

The wave of technological innovation today has brought about wearable devices making our life easier . The latest inclusion in tracking various fitness parameters, VO2max being one of them! .

Humans remain curious about ways to learn more information regarding themselves and significant figures correlated with measuring their overall fitness.

Wearable technology such as FitBits or Apple Watches which integrate functionally advanced algorithms can now be used to get rough estimate of Vo²max during exercise. This is done by monitoring heart rate at ‘rest’ and HR level increase through differing loads most commonly using LegMon etc.

Test Preparation

For the oven-ready test preparation regime it’s important that individuals maintain a healthy diet regimen precluding high carb low protein meals priorly consumed several days before on testing date (hello carbs my friend)

In addition to physical prep routine consisting primarily aerobic capacity based workouts building up endurance levels – this aids in conditioning the body into demanding physiological load induced from maximal stress stressing testing without exhibiting significant change in parameters present if burdened out.

Apart from central nervous system recovery periods between workout routines including plenty water & electrolyte supplementation right poses minimum down time period for maximum results accumulation.

By performing above measures , you are going to make sure that you pass any muscle stress driven testing involving indirect calorimetry measurements with flying colours!


Ahoy Champ! Weren’t we thorough enough? Sure hope so because we were trying our hardest (by practically lifting weights while writing ehemm) . Building your knowledge regarding how do i measure vo2 max typically involves learning what exactly ‘vo²_max’ entails (as well as other technical terms associated with this activity), benefits brought about via determining VO₂max readings coupled with various protocols/ equipment needed execute these tests along knowing personal prerequisites necessary beforehand giving accurate calculations relating current physical qualities under exertion pressure scenarios…whew Breathe people ! Sounds complex yet quite rewarding all at same time doesn’t it? So count yourself proud , for whatever measurement result whether high low or in-between it adds your contribution to personal growth towards physically healthier self!