How do i make someone like me back?

Feeling a little smitten? Trying to win over the object of your affection, but not sure how? Fear not my friend. You’ve come to the right place.

It’s Not All About You

Before we get started with any tips and tricks, let’s unpack something crucial – it’s not all about you!

When trying to get someone else to like you back, remember that they’re a real life human being with their own needs and preferences. This isn’t just about what works for you.

Keep this in mind as we move forward on this journey together.

Honesty is (Usually) The Best Policy

It may be tempting to put up a facade and act like someone you’re not. But lemme tell ya folks – this rarely ends well.

If the person doesn’t end up liking you for who you are when they find out about your secret identity or hobbies, then what’s even the point?

Be honest about who you are from day one so everything’s out in the open. Be proud of your character traits whoever weird they may seem; confidence is sexy!

That said, if some aspect feels like it might blow up really bad at some point during this journey try blending small portions only gradually into conversations without overwhelming them completely from start.

No One Likes A Try Hard

Trying too hard can come across as needy and desperate- which seldom wins people over; especially those running away in red lights seeking safety already! So resist temptation here peeps: no need t’belabour 800 questions n’ideas concentrating solely on yourself exactly after meeting him/her till today morning okay?

People have no time for desperation nowadays. Rather focus more attention on building rapport by asking specific Qs pertinent only once initial groundwork has been laid eg ‘How was work yesterday?’, ‘What TV shows do watch’, etc.

The Art of Listening

While it will be tempting to use this time exclusively as a stage for you – resist! That’s definitely not gonna help sell your case. Instead really listen when they speak and show interest in what they have to say.

Active listening can make someone feel loved, respected and safe; all things attractive! So first learn active listening alright? Yeppp, there are courses on that too..

But don’t forget the importance of body language: Mirror them by sitting similarly, lightly lean forward during important talk showcasing good connectivity. And if/when yer ‘mirroring’ gets caught- then change positions! Mirroring is meant to be subtle not mimicry!

Sense of Humor Goes A Long Way

Life Is Tough- Don’t Forget To Laugh!
Humour can go long way in connecting with another person’s heart… . but keep boundaries in mind here folks.

It does always pay off bigtime being witty and able to see irony spread out around … afterall who doesn’t like laughter huh?

And yet one liners like “you’re as cute as my ex’s sister” or unregarding behaviour n’public humiliation gambits fall outside acceptable limits – just nope dude.

So yes humour but remember: classy humour” should hit spot right?

Act Confident But Not Overconfident

Confidence is key while waiting for life partner but (my favourite ‘but’ ever) nobody likes arrogance babe!

Don’t get me wrong- we need people who believe in themselves (hopefully developed from somewhere real yeah?) .. not those whose craniums seem hotter than an oven bike tire… Don’t put down other people with comments ridiculing job type or even things menial etc , indeed over-exaggerated waving about any accomplishments attained so far may even hide deficiencies under facade built up.

So stay confident peeps..coz that’s magnetic! But fake conceitedness? Meet dustbin.

Milk the FOMO!

Let’s be honest here: Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re missing out on something important?

Well, milk that fear peeps! Use it as leverage to create excitement and intrigue when talking about things you’re doing, places you are visiting.

Don’t lie though; just focus on sharing your positive life happening which makes them wish(n’giving actual chance)!”I want a piece of that lives’.

This can entice people in ways almost nothing else can – but always practice ethicality and honesty moms told yer ‘bout folks..

Honesty is Crucial… (worth reminding!!)

Bringing us back full circle now- let’s remind ourselves once again how critical honesty truly is because not everyone got this memo yet.

Sure- acting cool may seem sensible way fun at times. Yet the truth shall prevail eventually which save all time n moments coz we gotta remember if someone really likes y’ they’ll appreciate who YOU are inside!

And hey, if that special person isn’t into our vibe..well then we still have ourselves right? We know we’re awesome darnit!

Be Yourself & Give It Time

If there was no other takeaway from reading this article… let it be known loud ‘n please sisters&misters:

Be yourself AND give it some TIME before leaping headlong into decision-making mode concerning relationships (especially those exciting)!!!

There maybe exist differences between what research discloses generally or what sis says working for her pal yet individual cases matter (hopefully I’m making sense so far?). Therefore play sumtime seein’whether good tings ongoing from both sides respecting happiness mutually???

Only then make any final decisions here folks 😉 Good Luck with Cupid fellas – He’d surely whisper only sweet words!!!

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