How do i know if i need a dehumidifier?

Have you ever walked into your house and felt like you were walking through a swamp? Do the walls in your home look like they’re sweating? Is there an unusual amount of moisture in the air or on surfaces? If so, it might be time to invest in a dehumidifier.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some signs that indicate it’s time to get a dehumidifier for your home.


A Brief Overview of What This Article Will Cover

The Moldy Smell Test

Does Your House Have that Musty Smell Even After Cleaning?

If your nose is picking up on something funky even after giving everything in your house the Clorox treatment, then chances are good that excess moisture is lurking somewhere.

Allergic Reactions

Are You Suffering from Constant Nose Scrunches?

Do you seem to be fighting allergies year-round but cannot find relief? It could be due to irritants such as mildew growing within carpets or pet dander hiding out.

Ugly Spots & Stains

Watermarks running down ceilings can just about drive someone insane.

Walls and ceilings with water marks may already lead suspicions about excess humidity levels while discolorations found elsewhere such as floors/carpets/furniture should not make an exception.

Difficulty Breathing Inside

Struggling with being able take full breaths inside no matter how deep inhaling goes

Struggle with getting enough oxygen while indoors despite conditions outside affecting breathing naturally true for asthmatic subjects

Sticky Feeling Surfaces – Clothes Included!

From sheets sticking when sleeping all the way through cabinets closing with “extra” nudge feeling style!

Humidity will go past visual clues thus allowing physical ones to become more noticeable this includes dampness clinging onto clothing and furniture!

Wood Rotting / Damage

Also, Out for a boat ride and see rot taking its toll on the pontoon.

Excess moisture leads to all sorts of trouble that can significantly affect property value check wooden surfaces around house!

Water Damage

This is when you need to ask yourself,

“Am I living in a rain forest or what?” All jokes aside; water damage sucks – big time!

There are tons of ways it could occur but preventing mold should have matter most.

# Condensation Going Crazy

With pools forming puddles come condensation turning into ankle-deep problem fast!

If you notice droplets along walls—especially in warm areas, this typically indicates that humidity levels might be rather high.

## Skin Turning Into Prunes When Eating Inside

Just Where exactly does your mind go with this particular issue?

Similar to damp clothes/surfaces, excess moisture will eventually manifest itself through dry skin.

### Prickling Sensations On Body 24/7

Is Your Skin Perpetually Itchy?

Do you feel prickly sensations on skin leaving out allergies as potential cause then it may be worth investigating if dehumidifier improves condition.

The Wrap-Up

Keepin’ Things Brief!
Aiming at achieving quality results requires correctly identifying the culprit. With tools available searching for triggers would be less of a chore making maintaining cleanliness easier.
Hope after going through above mentioned points helps alleviate concerns regarding indoor humidity proving useful!

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