How do i increase my ejection fraction?

Are you feeling a little bit deflated lately? Or are you just looking to improve your overall heart health and impress that special someone with the sexiest organ in your body? Look no further, because I’m going to help give you some tips on how to increase your ejection fraction (EF)!

Understanding the EF

To understand how to increase your EF, let’s first talk about what it is. The EF measures the percentage of blood that is pumped out of your left ventricle every time it contracts. A healthy EF ranges between 50-70% but if yours falls below 40%, then it can put you at risk for heart failure, which nobody wants. So how do we get those numbers up?

Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Ejection Fraction

  1. Exercise: This one shouldn’t come as a surprise! Exercising regularly helps improve circulation and keeps our hearts strong. Cardiovascular exercises such as running or swimming can be great ways to get the ol’ ticker pumping again.

  2. Healthy Diet: It’s important to make sure we’re fueling our bodies with the right foods so we don’t feel sluggish all day long. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains have been shown to boost heart health.

  3. Manage Stress: Stress not only takes a toll on our mental well-being but also affects us physically too – including our hearts! Finding ways to cope with stress such as meditation, yoga or even just taking regular breaks throughout workday can help decrease blood pressure levels.

  4. Quit Smoking: If this isn’t reason enough already, smoking does profound damage on cardiovascular health by constricting blood vessels causing gradual wear over time possibly leading towards an inevitable high-risk scenario regarding earlier cardiac diseases than expected.

  5. Watch Alcohol Intake: While moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease, excessive intake has the opposite effect. Heavy drinking can lead to irregular heartbeats and increased blood pressure.

  6. Medications: ACE inhibitors and beta blockers are two types of medication that help increase ejection fraction by reducing the amount of work your heart has to do, making it easier for your left ventricle to pump blood throughout the body

  7. Underlying Conditions Correction: If you have been diagnosed with underlying cardiovascular medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes then managing these risk factors is essential since they could be indirectly causing damage towards other ventricle chambers leading towards low EF.

When Should You See Your Doctor?

If you already have symptoms like shortness-of-breath, fatigue even mild exertion/under resting period, chest pain also known as angina which usually comes on during physical activity or emotional stress we highly suggest consulting with your doctor without delay because certain medications might harmfully interact at the wrong time risking anymore further health outlooks for individuals regarding their health status quo.

Lets Talk About Echocardiograms

Echocardiogram tests (ultrasound scans showing pictures of the heart) provide doctors and patients vital information about how well their hearts are working overtime along various angles providing full dimensional specifications upon evaluation in normal outcomes start from 50% whereas abnormal results fall below this number frequently alarming healthcare professionals into prescribing medication or lifestyle changes including Cutting down sodium intake i.e less processed foods, but only if deemed necessary when exhibited any signs increasing risk factors aiming towards correction strategies promoting longevity through optimal health initiatives focusing proactively rather than reactively sometimes could avoid major hassle ahead while still having fun around living our daily lives!

The Bottom Line

Long story short – cheering up your ‘Pumping Station’ involves maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routine while benefiting from adequate hydration regularly being mindful about underlying issues underneath presenting themselves after regular checkups while not smoking at all if possible and avoiding excess alcohol consumption. Additionally, remedying any underlying cardiovascular conditions is paramount since they contribute towards the whole anatomy of issues that could arise over time associated with low EF hanging by a thread.

So let’s get those hearts pumping! With some dedication and lifestyle changes, we can work towards increasing our ejection fractions for optimal heart health.

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