How do i get rid of cystitis fast?

Urinary tract infections are no joke. But have you heard of its worst version “cystitis”? This painful infection is a nightmare for both men and women, but we’re not here to waste time talking about the unpleasantness of it all – let’s get straight into discussing how to cure cystitis as quickly as possible!

Understanding the Hateful Cystitis

First things first, let’s understand what cystitis really is. It’s an inflammation of your bladder caused by a bacterial infection that can be quite severe due to untreated or prolonged exposure.

Some symptoms include pain while passing urine (ouch!), urgent need to pee constantly even with little built-up liquid in your system; lower abdomen pain; cloudy/or foul-smelling wee (gross) – yep, all pretty unpleasing stuff.

At times like these, we wish there were some magic potion available that would make it go away immediately so that we could stop squirming around in discomfort!

Top Strategies To Cure Cystitis Quickly

But in all honesty, getting rid of this nasty condition requires patience and consistency on our part because antibiotics may take up to three days before showing any noticeable improvements. However, don’t lose hope! Here are the top strategies you can implement at home right now for a faster recovery:

1- Hydrate like Your Life Depends Upon It

One of the main reasons why UTIs happen often boils down to dehydration: every day we fail miserably when drinking those essential 2 liters recommended daily. If your pee looks dark yellow or orange-like then congratulations! You’ve hit rock bottom with hydration.

You should always keep in mind an adequate water intake–be sure your urine runs clear just after sipping plenty amounts throughout each day (a clean stream indeed).

2- Say No To Carbonated Beverages Like They’re The Plague

Carbonated drinks, often labelled energy boosters, increase the amount of gas in your bladder, which may worsen symptoms. Also beware when it comes to sugary juices and alcohols–stick only to water during this particular moment.

3- Give Your Featherbed A Little Rest

It’s about time we treated ourselves a little better when it’s appropriate! So while you’re laying down in bed for long periods during the day (unless you are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson In which case carry on as usual)– be sure that area is well-ventilated to minimise bacterial growth.

4- Yes To Cranberry Juice

You’ve probably heard that cranberry juice can help with UTI but does not do much for improving existing cystitis conditions comparatively. It’s significant preventative measure against the dreadful bacteria waiting around just outside our vulnerable urinary tract!

Cranberries contain compounds responsible for making urine too acidic (not harmful!) so if bacteria tries hitching inside they’ll quickly discover they’ve chosen wrong transportation methods and leave forever!

Just make sure you go easy on any sugar additives if possible (it ruins all good things people) – some brands out there will lace their juices with way too much added sugars than you’d really like (almost like drinking vinegar).

5- Get Some Probiotics For an Internal Day Spa Vibe

Remember all those crazy fads where celebrities swear by consuming fermented foods? Well now’s your chance to jump aboard because probiotics have been shown in studies as beneficial supplements capable of fighting off harmful organisms roaming throughout our digestive system at large–all providing a nice feel-good experience internally( talk about internal paradise wellness-vacation vibes).

The Final Verdict

In summary: drink plenty of fluids regularly; say no-no-no carbonated or caffeinated drinks (and certainly not sharp orangey colas ever again I beg you!); keep things airy with good ventilation; embrace cranberry juice once in a while, and invest in a smooth tasting probiotic supplement while powering through the sickness.

In the battle against cystitis, these are golden strategies and fun tips that’ll make it worth every resistance time investing for faster recovery. Good luck!

P.S – If there is no improvement after three days or more (come to think of it–even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should get help) be sure to call at your health professional hours right away as they can prescribe something stronger that might work better!

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