How do i get rid of a swollen uvula?

Are you having difficulty swallowing, experiencing discomfort when talking or breathing along with drooling? Then there is a chance that you have an inflammation in your uvula – the fleshy object that dangles from the back of your throat. If you are wondering how to get rid of that swollen obstacle, we’ve got your back! Here are some tips and tricks for reducing swelling in your uvula.

First off: What Causes a Swollen Uvula?

Before diving headfirst into remedies, let’s understand the cause behind this unpleasant sensation. Some factors responsible for an inflamed uvula include:

  • Infections (bacterial/viral) like tonsillitis or mononucleosis
  • Allergies caused by anything from pollen to certain foods/beverages
    – Improper treatment of sore throats
    – Yelling too much during a sports match or concert
    – Sleeping on one side only

Home Remedies

While most cases due to infections can heal on their own with time, some home remedies could alleviate pain/discomfort faster.

Saltwater Gargle

A saltwater gargle not only soothes the throat lining but also kills bacteria within it. Stir 1/4th-teaspoon salt into eight ounces warm water until dissolved, then gargle/swish for 15 seconds before spitting it out.

Honey Tea

Honey’s antibacterial property can help eliminate infection-causing agents while providing relief against soreness. Add two tablespoons honey and single teaspoon white vinegar to boiling water and stir till blended completely.

Ice/Cold Compress

Swelling makes sense when one gets hit by something hard; hence icing plays an essential role here as well. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth pack or use frozen food bags (peas/corn). Alternatively, sucking ice chips could also work.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas like chamomile, Echinacea, or peppermint possess anti-inflammatory properties that could help reduce swelling and soothe the sore throat you might develop along with a swollen uvula.

Throat Lozenges

Lozenge candy-like medication coats inner lining when sucked upon and provides relief from congestion/soreness for up to 2 hours after ingestion. Try ones with menthol as an ingredient.

Medical Assistance

Severe forms of swollen uvula require attention from professionals; hence here are some measures one can take:

  • Antibiotics may be prescribed in cases where bacterial infections are causing inflammation.
  • Steroids can control swelling caused by allergies effectively but watch out for any side effects.
  • In case the situation gets out of hand, surgery may be required to remove excess tissue surgically termed Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP).

Preventive Measures From Recurring Swollen Uvulas

Preventing recurrence is crucial after dealing with a writhing experience like “swollen uvulas”; hence follow these simple tips:

  • Remain hydrated via sufficient water intake on a daily basis
  • Avoid yelling/shouting continuously
  • Attend therapy if chronic snoring or sleep apnea is detected
    -Sleep on your left or right side alternatively

As they say – precaution is better than cure!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Causes My Throat To Feel Tight?

Various factors contribute to feeling tightness in your throat area such as stress/anxiety, infection/inflammation etc., However before jumping into conclusions it’s always wise first to see what symptoms arise other than just tightness alone.

  1. Should I Seek Medical Attention If My Uvula Isn’t Healing?

Always trust your instincts and seek professional medical advice when unsure about treatment methods available vs DIY ideas recommended over social media platforms.

  1. Can My Swollen Uvula Go Away On Its Own?

Yes, a swollen uvula can go away on its own if an underlying condition like viral/bacterial infection isn’t present; hence it’s crucial to know the root cause before choosing any treatment method.

  1. What Foods/Beverages Should I Avoid With A Swollen Uvula?

It’s best to avoid spicy food or hot beverages such as tea/coffee while you are under care for your inflamed uvula.


Swollen uvulas may appear daunting at first sight but never fear! There are plenty of home remedies and medical options available that work wonders when applied correctly! However, make sure educational information is filtered through credible sources to prevent harm from following misleading advice. In conclusion, rest, hydrate yourself enough ,and speak softly using these helpful tips presented here which will make dealing with this condition surprisingly effortless.

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