How do i find an ndc number?

Are you looking for an NDC number and don’t know where to start? Fear not, dear reader; we’ve got your back. Read on for a step-by-step guide on finding that elusive string of digits.

The Basics: What Is an NDC Number?

Before we dive in, let’s cover the basics. An NDC number is a unique identifier assigned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to drugs marketed in the United States. It contains three parts:

  1. Labeler code: A five-digit number assigned by the FDA to each manufacturer or distributor.
  2. Product code: A four-digit number assigned by the labeler to identify a specific drug product.
  3. Package code: A two-digit number indicating package size/type (e.g., 10-count bottle vs 30-count bottle).

Together, these codes create a 10-digit numeric string that uniquely identifies a particular drug product.

Step One: Check with Your Pharmacist

If you have a prescription for a medication and want to find its corresponding NDC number, start by contacting your pharmacist or other healthcare provider. They should be able to provide this information quickly and easily.

Pro tip: If you’re calling your pharmacy during peak hours, practice some patience while on hold – take up knitting or learn mandarin!

Step Two: Search Using Drugs@FDA

If reaching out isn’t working – chances are they’re just jealous because they cant knit like you- check out Drugs@FDA, which is managed by none other than…you guessed it – the FDA! Once there click on ‘Orange Book’ then enter either Brand name in trade name search section Or Active Ingredients under active ingredient section.Or if all else fails go hit “control alt delete” just kidding, click the search button of course.

Step Three: Check Manufacturer Website

If you know the manufacturer of your medication and want to find its corresponding NDC number, check their website for information. Most drug manufacturers have a “Products” or “Product Catalog” section where you can search for drugs by name or indication.

Pro tip: If in doubt ask Google- it knows all!

Step Four: Use a Third-Party Database like DailyMed

DailyMed is another option we recommend because let’s face it – Googling ‘How to get high?’ may not always provide accurate results. Provided by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), DailyMed has an up-to-date index of FDA-approved drug labels that includes NDC numbers.

Remember kids: Always consult with professionals before self-medicating!

Bonus Tips & Tricks

  • Still don’t see what you’re looking for? Try reaching out directly to the FDA through their Drug Information Email Subscription Service.
  • Keep in mind that some medications may not have an NDC number (e.g., compounded drugs).
  • For those who love a good dataset – The NLM also offers bulk data downloads for more advanced users.


With these tips in mind ,you will be able to find any NDC Number under no time! Don’t forget though, professional advice is always recommended when taking on this kind of task. Stay curious readers!

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