How Did I Fall So Deep in Love?

As the old adage goes, love is a fickle thing. One moment you’re wondering if that cute barista even knows your name, and the next you’re writing sonnets about their eyelashes. It’s enough to make anyone scratch their head and wonder: how did I fall so deep in love?

Well my friend, wonder no more! In this article we’ll explore some of the science behind falling in love (yes, it’s a thing) and share some personal anecdotes for good measure. Buckle up, because things are about to get swoon-worthy.

What Even Is Love Anyway?

Before we dive into the deep end of our hearts full-force headfirst like lovesick puppies chasing romance on a hot summer day at the beach despite being unable to swim as such young creatures often do or rather perhaps nipping cautiously at its heels like hesitant infants who have not quite learned how sharp teeth can be, let’s take a beat to define what exactly “love” even means in this context.

Love is an intense feeling of affection towards someone else; generally speaking it involves wanting them around all the time (or as much as possible), thinking about them constantly (even when they’re not responding to your texts which just makes you miss them more) , and feeling happy when you’re with them (and an inexplicable gloominess when parted). For many people, it also includes physical attraction (though for others maybe not so much but hey everyone expresses feelings differently).

So now that we’ve got that sorted out – why does this happen? Why do our brains suddenly start shouting WE FOUND OUR SOULMATE SIGNAL BOOST SOME DOPAMINE PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!! ? Let’s find out

The Science Behind Falling Head Over Heels

The human brain chemically alters itself during !LOVE!, thanks largely ~~(though not entirely)~~ to a little neurotransmitter called dopamine (which in turn causes fluctuations of other hormones like oxytocin and serotonin which can lead to increased feelings of bonding and happiness), it releases every time you think about or interact with someone that you’ve deemed special. It’s pretty much the neurological equivalent of giving yourself a big ol’ pat on the back for having good taste in humans.

This increase in dopamine levels is also why people who are falling rapidly into love often report feeling almost addicted to their partner – because when they’re with them, they feel so happy thanks to all those delicious chemicals flooding their brain that once the love has begun there’s often very little else anyone can do but ride outjoyful wave.

Is Love Internet-Wide?

Now we live in amazing era where connections worm themselves across the earth through fiber optic cables in seconds an ocean away from one another, and social media pretty much rules our lives…, It seems only natural that dating apps have taken off like wildfire. After all, if you’re looking for someone who shares your interests, isn’t it easier than ever now? But many folks find this new approach slightly less-than-charming. Waiting around while someone debates whether to swipe left or right? (BARF). Being “ghosted” after weeks or months of investing emotions into another person? (DOUBLE BARF)

But let’s be clear: this awkwardness extends far beyond online courting rituals.

The Clumsiness Of Real Life Dating

We’ve all been there before – staring at someone from across a crowded room wanting nothing more than for them to notice us (or better yet come over here why am I always the one making the first move ughhhhhh) . For some reason unbeknownst even perhaps as befuddling as what happened during high school calculus class (WHY WAS IT SO HARD??) we just can’t seem to get the words out. (Or bring ourselves to step away from our secure friend huddles at all for fear of being left alone and ridiculed) Instead we stand there like a statue made of school glue (never forget about that sick craft project in second grade you DI INT IT!) as our love interest oblivious wanders off into destiny’s sunset, never knowing what could have been.

Why is it so hard? Partly because talking to someone you’re interested in puts us in position open up ourselves – whether intentionally or not- which can be a pretty vulnerable feeling (yep nothing like putting your heart on your sleeve ONLY FOR THEM TO RIP THE WHOLE THING CLEAN OFF) . Plus add onto this recipe the pressure society places on individuals throughout their life cycle heavily pushing them pursue typical desires such as romantic relationships and even leading eradicating those who opt out altogether!(more reasons why setting personal boundaries truly matters more than anything else).

Conclusion: Why Did I Fall So Deep In Love?

And there you have it folks – some insight into why we fall so deeply in love with someone. While ultimately the specifics are unique to each person (it’s impossible to pinpoint an exact reason behind falling head over heels), it seems clear that humans pathologically crave connectedness with other beings no matter how messy or volatile interactions may become.(However, protecting one’s mental health and well-being should always remain paramount)

Just remember though: while finding “the one” will definitely leave you floating on cloud nine, everything moves slower if they’re not meant for you- ultimately spending time making fulfilling friendships ensures less dramatic nights laying awakethinking ‘how did I fall so deep’ only wishing things didn’t happen ‘if only i had..’ when instead enjoying coffee with gasp now__a_true_friend__.

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