How dht increase in body?

Hello there, my fellow health enthusiasts! Are you tired of trying to pump iron and seeing little results? Do you want a revolutionary way to increase testosterone levels in your body? If yes, then look no further! In this article, we will be exploring the ins and outs of one of the most potent testosterone hormones known as DiHydroTestosterone (DHT).

What is DHT?

Before we dive into increasing our DHT levels, let’s understand what it is. DiHydroTestosterone or commonly known as DHT is an androgen hormone that plays a crucial role in male sexual development. It is synthesized from testosterone by enzymes found mainly in the prostate gland.

DHT has greater affinity towards androgen receptors than testosterone itself which makes it more effective for building muscle mass and enhancing bone growth. An adequate amount of DHT also contributes to facial hair growth, deeper voice pitch and can even improve erectile function.

Relationship between Testosterone & DHT

It all starts with testosterone, which gets synthesized within Leydig cells present on testicular tissue responsible for producing spermatozoa (sperm). These cells contain Luteinizing Hormone(LH) receptors that trigger T synthesis whenever required. On reaching blood circulation, testosterones bind themselves with an enzyme called Type II 5-alpha reductase(5αRD-2)present mostly around prostate gland converting them into Dihydrotestosterone(DTH).

Having said that doesn’t mean increased testosterone always results in boosted cellular dht production but nevertheless their share concentrationally corresponds between moderate ideal ratios measured by lab tests.

Now without further ado let’s explore some quirky ways to increase dht levels naturally!

Exercise regularly

Exercise stimulates various types of hormones including Androgens like Testostrone,Dheas ,Growth Hormoneetc.DHT levels tend to increase in response to exercises that involve strength training like weight-lifting, bodybuilding etc. A study found out that DHT increased almost 25% when men lifted weights.

Sleep Better

In an ideal sleep cycle approx.1/3rd each of REM ,Deep and Light stages are present.REM(REticular Movement) stage is where nightly erections happen . These type of erections are triggered by DTH thus more rapid eye movement during dreams leadings to better quality sleep uninterrupted leads to higher concentration of dth.

Zinc and magnesium-rich diets

Zinc has been proven to be a vital micronutrient for testosterone production as well as sperm synthesis.Quality protein like meat or poultry products contain enough zinc you would need but if you’re vegetarian foods like pumpkin seeds,spinach,chickpeas with supplements can be used.
Magnesium deficiency on the other hand was associated with lower testosterone levels according to studies so boosting your intake up helps produce more free t which then ultimately increases dth.

Foods high in Zinc Foods high in Magnesium
Oysters Spinach
Red Meat Almonds
Chicken Avocadoes

Consume Vitamins (D,K,A)

Vitamins play an essential role in human bodies as they regulate various metabolic reactions. Vitamin-D improves bone health and also regulates all-round hormonal balance involving testosterone secretion.A diet rich in Dark green leafy vegetables,broccoli,tuna,fatty fish such as Salmon,Mackerel etc gives optimum vitamin D needed.
Similarly Calcium(Mostly calcium too low in eating habits)concentration effects dht also.Consumption plants containing More- Vitamin K( Leafy Greens),Vitamin-A(Liver,Leaf Veggies)

Sunlight Exposure

As mentioned above sunlight exposure makes us capable of making natural vit-D but it also plays a direct role in increasing dth levels as well.A study showed that sunlight exposure over the course of three weeks increased DHT by 120% in men.

Reduce stress

Stress is known to lower testosterone levels indirectly through corticotropin releasing hormone(CRH) or A Corticotrophin Releasing Factor(if u wanna catch up with sciencey slangs).In times like these adapting relaxation techniques such as deep breathing,meditation,routine workouts ect.can help increase dht and moreover general wellbeing.

Let’s wrap this up!

This brings us to the end of our article on increasing DHT levels naturally. Always remember, moderation is key! One must not forget that excessive DHT can lead to hair loss among other things so always try to maintain an equilibrium level between androgens concentrations.

We hope this article provided valuable insights into natural ways you can boost your testosterone hormone production which ultimately converts Testosterone( Also LH acts upon )to even more potent form-dihydrotestosterone for enhanced overall performance,Dapoxetineeveryone!