How Common Are Twins?

Twins mean two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. This process refers to that when the ovaries in a female form two eggs, they are fertilized by the same sperm cell released by the male into the female body. The thing that most of us do not know is that there are seven different types of twins. Let us discuss the different types of twins and how they can be like that.

Factors That Can Increase The Chance Of Conceiving Twins

  • Depending upon the woman’s age, she is likely to conceive with twins when she is over 30. At this time of age, more hormones are released as compared to a younger female. Hormones are produced in excess due to more stimulation that is required. In many cases, it lowers fertility, but at the same time, overreaction takes place that results in to release of two or more eggs.
  • When fraternal twins are present in the family, the more you will get your chance to have a twin. And even when you have fraternal twins both from the father and mother side, your chances even rise to get the twins.
  • It even depends upon your weight too. Women with more weight or are obese have more chances to conceive twins. It is due to the excess of the hormone estrogen. This hormone leads to excess stimulation to the ovaries that may release two or more eggs.
  • Many taller women have increased chances of getting twins. Yes, the growth factor is the reason before this, but researchers find it strange.

More About Twins

If we talk about how common are twins, then it is estimated that 1 in 250 natural pregnancies will naturally result in twins. Women over 30 are more likely to give birth to twins. Women who are taller than average are more likely to have twins.

Black women give more birth to twins than white women, but Asian and Hispanic women give birth to twins at a lower rate than the other groups; with the family history with fraternal twins, chances of conceiving twins rise.

Data collected by the Centers for Disease Control states that there were 133,155 twins born in the United States in 2015. It is about 3.35% of live births. In 2008 Southwest Nigeria had the highest twinning rate in the world. In 2014 rate of twins was 7.4%, with Clomid and Femara had a lower rate of 3.4%. The birth of twins increased about 72% between 1980 and 2018.

The birth of twins may depend on many factors. There are some biological reasons which result in twinning birth. There are many situations due to which a woman gives birth to twins. The rate of twinning birth keeps on fluctuating, but it is at an increasing rate in the United States from the analysis of data. It wasn’t so common, but according to the data, it is becoming common. Now, one can even have twins with fertility treatments as well. If you are stuck on an idea to get a twin, one can adopt this method and easily conceive a twin