How come my body is always warm?

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot? Do you constantly find yourself sweating like a sinner in church? Well, fear not my friend because you’re not alone.

We all have those moments where our body decides to turn into an oven on high heat with no escape in sight. But why does it happen and what can we do about it? Let’s dive right in to the world of body temperature regulation!

Sweat It Out

Let’s start with the basics: sweat. Our bodies produce sweat as a way to cool down when things get too heated (pun intended). When your internal thermometer goes up, your brain sends signals to sweat glands all over your body telling them to release moisture onto the skin’s surface. Once this moisture evaporates, it helps lower your overall body temp!

But sweating isn’t just triggered by external factors like being out in the sun or working out at the gym; cue 70s game show music there are also some factors that could be causing you to break out into a full-body sheen:

  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Certain medications
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Hyperthyroidism

All of these elements can cause overactive sweat production which makes us feel hotter than hot –in more ways than one! So if you’ve been indulging in Thai food with extra chili peppers or four cups of coffee before lunchtime meetings and wondering why everyone else looks so comfortable… now ya know!

To Thy Own Self Be Cool

We’re all unique individuals and our bodies expel heat at different rates depending on various factors such as age, gender, weight and metabolism–aka “cardiovascular horsepower.” For example women tend to run warmer due partly from higher levels of estrogen while men generally dissipate more heat thanks partially from the testosterone hormones. [insert scientist jargon here]

In addition, as we age our metabolic rate decreases so brainwave activity requires less oxygen and there is a gradual drop in body temperature (usually by 0.1-0.2 degrees Celsius per decade). So if you’re feeling left out of the “Always Hot Society,” just wait until you enter your golden years! Woohoo–something to look forward to in old age!

But other than genetics, external factors like climate plays a big role too: if you’ve ever been caught outside during summer season in Miami or Phoenix then you know exactly what I mean -yikes! The heat from the sun can penetrate through clothes leading to higher core temps faster and that makes us think about begging for ice water anytime soon.

It’s Getting Hot In Here…

Speaking of clothing –how else do we regulate our temp? No, it’s not just taking off all our clothes for sakes. It actually has more with things such as insulation via layers of clothing and thermoregulation jewelry and watches which regulates body temp rates without needing any MIB intervention…stay with me on this!

Personally I love accessorizing especially when its dual purpose also happens to coincide with rainbows lol ##RainbowEnthusiast

These accessories are normally crafted using naturally occurring materials like wood fibers and chemical compounds such as silica gel beads which have an ability for helping cool your skin surface area by absorbing moisture which then triggers evaporation thus reducing overall bodily heat index significantly!! On top of that they serve in avoiding looking like someone filmed wet t-shirt contest during downpour if wearing Rayon shirt undergoing continuous sweatiness..

And who doesn’t want magical jewelry that keeps them cool while looking great?

Secret Weapon Against Body Heat

Finally–let’s wrap up this exposition on keeping your personal weather forecast under control discussing an emergency solution utilizing state-of-the-art technology…meet the chillow!

Now you may not have heard of this miraculous item but allow me give you a brief overview:

A chillow is essentially a pillow filled with water and normally has tiny crystals inside that absorb heat when rested upon. This allows for cool head relief during those sleepless hot nights, especially if you are prone to night sweats.

Chillows come in all shapes and sizes–plus it’s reusable, requires no electricity or power and it can be used multiple times before needing replacement! Plus think about how much easier might make your summer camping trip –no more sleeping in 1-gallon of sweat every night!

The Wrap Up

There ya have it folks –a quick guide into understanding why we sometimes run hotter than others in areas where sun rises as early as possible or sets around midnight #nightwalkers.

We covered basic biological principals such as sweating science, personal genetics effects like hormonal ratios, external factors such as climate and insulating materials utilized by fashion forward connoisseurs that support thermoregulation while adding an aesthetically pleasant aura. And finally emergency gear which comes to rescue whenever situation starts becoming unbearable.

So next time you catch yourself wondering “why am I always so warm?” remember these tips & tricks!! While Lou Bega noted ‘A little bit of Monica on my mind,’ now put little piece of coolant under thoughtful consideration 🙂

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