How can you tell if you have a hematoma?

As much as we try to avoid them, accidents happen. One moment you’re strollin’ down the street admiring the view, and then suddenly you stumble over an uneven patch of sidewalk. Bam! Next thing you know, you’re lying on your back with a searing pain in your leg.

Well, maybe it’s not that dramatic. But it’s still pretty darn annoying!

After hobbling home and popping multiple ibuprofen like candy to dull the throbbing ache from hitting something hard (what was that thing anyway?), you take off your pants for some well-deserved R&R when what do ya know? Your leg looks kinda funky.

It could be just be normal bruising right? Or… wait… is that a hematoma?!

H1: What The Heck Is A Hematoma Anyway??

Oh boy, time for some learnin’. Don’t worry- I’ll keep this short ‘n sweet:

According to our good friends at Mayo Clinic,a hematoma is “a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel.“ Sounds sinister AF right?

Basically, if forceful impact (like tripping on uneven pavement) causes one or more blood vessels under the skin burst (just imagine its insides bursting into confetti) ,our body intuitively goes into action mode to prevent copious bleeding. It forms clots around sources of infection.It gathers up loose fluid in these little pockets known as “hematomas”.

Who Gets A Hematoma And Why Me Though??! Where Did I Go Wrong?!?

Ok first things first- Just because YOU developed huge-ass-grape-kinda bruise does not mean there’s something seriously wrong with you or that YOU’RE doomed forever.(Yes dad wants me emphasize this fact).Everyone gets bruises sometimes people aren’t that great at their balancing game)))

A hematoma may occur if you:

  • Have a recent injury or surgery
    (So, don’t go head-buttin’ fire hydrants ok?)

  • Take blood thinners (If I have to list examples google is your friend)

  • Drink excessively (I’m not here to lecture. Just be careful kids!)

It’s also worth mentioning that some people just bruise easier than others due to age or certain medications.

What Are the Symptoms of Hematoma?

Warning: do not use WebMD.Don’t stress out needlessly.Referring it multiple times can lead paranoia and hypo- mania.Self-Diagnosis can be dangerous.And no , 99% there aren’t any bugs infecting your brain

There are quite a few symptoms that present alongside a hematoma, but usually they boil down to these bad boys:

1) Swelling:(umm duh,gettin bulged with all that extra fluid and super-sized purple bump….Expect Jolie-Lips situation only on legs/off arm areas).One thing worth keeping in mind though–swollen area might be warm/hard-like compared to surrounding skin/bulging unexpectedly or even gaping open(eww!)

2)Pain/tenderness Redness/rash

3) Numbness/tingling sensation:( Yup,Mother Nature playing cruel jokes again.)If the swelling puts pressure on nearby nerves,you’ll feel pins & needles,maybe hurting more when applying a bit too much pressure like going for manicure,chopping vegetables etc

4)Limited range motions :Ouchies!

In short if the affected site looks as time universe gave Thanos snap , consult medical professional immediately instead of driving yourself into fiasco

How Can You Diagnose A Hematoma?

Now, hang tight my little sommeliers because things are about to get fancy.

To accurately diagnose a hematoma, a medical professional jots down your symptoms and determine their severity through physical exams.(Don’t worry they won’t include the coughdrop-down-the-throat-one.)

Medical technology has come far along enough that figuring out if you have any broken bones or internal injuries is not something beyond their capabilities.A Doctor might also order an x-ray/critical tests to confirm the diagnosis or differentiate with other similar ailments like cyst/malignancy.

Types of Hematomas- Are They All Same ??

There are multiple types of hematomas scattered throughout the body specifically based on where they’ve occured:

  • Head(oh no)Subdural/Intracerebral)

  • Ear

  • Spinal cord(Spinal subdural/epidural intramedullary huh?)

  • Eye(periorbital/thrombasthenia oculi)= It’s ok,you’re allowed to giggle at these big-ass words.

You can spot a hematoma mainly by its size/color(apart from location).They can come in small/tiny sizes too hard palpating grapefruit-sized ones depending upon how quickly they are getting accumulated .This variation furthered depends on what substances it contains (plasma,serum,blood cells)and for how long.

So glad you asked!Being stuck with painful-purple bump isn’t desirable condition so here’s some advice from our(not-so) friendly neighborhood blogger.

The first priority should be applying ice-pack(if available)cuz won’t hurt as much & bring instant respite.Gently massaging bandage might compression therapy(yes impeding blood flow sometimes makes things better!)Cryo-cuffing is option for larger swellings.Secondly,elevated limbs will reduce swelling/accelerate recovery. Avoid strenuous activities/demands(can also cause aura movements/dizziness/nonsensical giggling)

And my last piece of advice: Listen to your body! If the pain starts getting worse or other unpleasant symptoms start popping up, Talk to the medical professionals.They know better (Sigh -adulting is so exhausting).

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