How can you take vitamin d?

We all know that vitamin D is great for our bones and overall health, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out the best way to get enough of it. Whether you’re avoiding the sun or just don’t like the taste of traditional supplements, there are a variety of ways to supplement your diet with this essential nutrient.

Get Outside

The most natural and fun way to get more vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight. Just fifteen minutes in the sun each day can provide enough vitamin D for most people (but don’t forget your sunscreen!) Time spent outdoors has other benefits too—fresh air, exercise, and maybe even a chance encounter with a friendly neighbor or frisky squirrel.

Food Sources

If you’re not very active outside during the daytime (perhaps you enjoy ‘Netflix and Chill’, we understand), consider changing your eating habits instead. Foods high in vitamin D include fatty fish like salmon, mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet light and cod liver oil – yikes!

Food Source Amount
Salmon 6 oz
Mushrooms 1 cup
Cod Liver Oil 1 tablespoon

Include any one or more legal choice(s) from above at least once into your meals every few days. Not only will you be bumping up on heaps of vitamins but also making yummy meal-experimentation discoveries (protein barbecued mushroom steaks anyone?).


For those who still feel like they need an extra boost, supplements could work better since “more is always good, right?” Wrong! Only take what’s recommended as taking excessively large dosage amounts over time may lead contributeto toxic effects in one’s body.

  • Most adults may safely take up 4000 IU/day
  • Elderly individuals (>70 years old) may require higher doses
  • Speak with a professional to determine right dosage.

Make sure that it’s not just vitamin D you’re getting and only buy vitamins from trusted sites or retailers in order to prevent any possible intoxication.

Time of Day

Your skin produces more vitamin D when the sun is highest, so if soaking some sunlight instead of solar withdrawal with your curtains closed is preferred, schedule yourself some porch-time from 10 am – 2 pm during weekdays (helps keep productivity levels up too!).

UV Lamps

For those needing their light fix without breakin’ out into a sweat; UV lamps can be life saviours by simulating sunlight as necessary adding positively to Vitamin D production increasing general wellness (particularly helpful for individuals living in regions with limited daylight hours) (just don’t forget about our previous warnings on its potential health concerns).

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (“SUP’ing”)

Vitamin D isn’t the only thing you benefit from having water fun-activities time! “Surf’s up” folks… SUP’ng along coastlines also contributes significantly toward V-D uptake since water reflects sunlight on its reflective surfaces – who knew? That’s reason enough to try SUP’ing at your nearest beach!

  • Best practices before setting sail: Double check accessories such as paddles, surfboards etc are properly secured/fitting.

Wearing proper attire while paddleboarding:

It’s important to consider what kind of clothes work well—stretchable clothing that doesn’t trap too much heat like board shorts or a good rash guard shirt are optimal choices. Sunscreen and hydration pack will come handy too and prevents awkward instances where sea salt sticks onto parts of exposed body after collecting around wet gear accidentally poured over oneself (NOBODY wants chunks in their hair my friends…nobody)

Whether partaking professionally versus recreationally remember safety first matters especially when far away from landmasses/check-in points.

Vitamins in children

While it’s important for adults to form healthful habits, vitamin D supplementation might be even more meaningful for kids. According to recent studies, over 75% of American children don’t get enough vitamin D which could lead to Osteoporosis over time… In order avoid this one may:

  • Ensure inclusion of foods rich with Vitamin D
  • Making sure that they spend some quality time outside exposed the same recommended sunlight periods as listed above
    • This approach also helps your family bond during the pleasurable outdoor activity.

If dietary ingestion/direct sun exposure are not feasible due constraints such homeschooling or poor weather, supplements/UV lamps may work great (with the consultation of a medical Profession first). Remember though taking natural sources occasionally packs an extra happy punch (burned calories never hurt anyone).

The Different Forms

Vitamin D is available in two different forms: D2 and D3. It has been found that intake from either type yields beneficial effects; however most experts recommend Vitamin-D3 since our bodies function better retaining & absorbing when ingesting this option. Invest in supplements containing at least 2000-5000 IU/day amount of cholecalciferol (go on read up on what wonderful benefits this component packs…we’ll wait!…)

Again remember always speak with a professional who will assist in selecting Most effective preparation depending individual needs/requirements before purchasing any vitamins.

Liquid Supplements

For those prone aversions towards chemically produced pills/tablets it good news – liquid-based supplements exist!

Pill/Tablet Form Liquid Form
Convenient dosages Measuring doses can produce inconsistencies
Limited expiration shelf lives Refrigeration maybe necessary
Restrictive sizes Overall low efficacy

If you don’t like swallowing pills or struggle with digestion, this is the perfect solution for you. Sadly though less effective overall in bringing adequate retention absorbed through stomach membrane due ingestion irregularities.


It’s super important to keep track of how frequently/long one takes supplements if optin’ out on natural methods… Overdoing supplement intake can have irreversible negative effects while underdosing may nullify any potential advantages [especially amounts] too! The best approach would be maintaining balance and tracking progress over several months rather expecting overnight changes (remember patience is a virtue my friends)!

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