How can you make smoke come out of your mouth?

Have you ever been blown away by somebody breathing smoke out of their mouth? Smoking doesn’t necessarily have to be harmful, all it takes is knowing the right techniques. In this article, we will explore how to create mesmerizing smoke shapes and tricks with your mouth.

How does smoking work?

Smoking generally means inhaling smoke inhaled from tobacco or any other drying herb substance that burns slowly. However, this can cause severe health problems such as lung cancer and heart disease.

Let’s talk about different ways where you can breathe out instead of inhaling: Vaping or E-cigarettes are the latest detoxified alternatives which may seem a better option than smoking but they’ve got their cons too.

The right conditions for blowing smoke out

  • Firstly try exhaling air slowly, so every bit of it condenses into vapor.
  • It would help if you had proper prerequisites like dry lips so that there isn’t much moisture content while exhaling.
  • Breathe deeply before letting go of the air altogether
  • The key here is creating a smooth passage between your lungs and mouth; only then will flawless smoking ring emerge.

Tricks to blow Smoke circles

Start Small:

Blowing small-sized rings can serve as the stepping stone in mastering more complex and larger shaped ones.

Make an ‘O’ Shape:

To begin with practice making round circles using your mouth; start preserving formation through maintaining O shape when keeping cigarettes pressed on lips ready before time.

Donut Trick: Hitting two birds with one Stone

After becoming proficient at making basic rings make an additional smaller size hole inside them forming a doughnut-like structure.

Ghost Inhale

The “Ghost hit” involves capturing some amount of smoky fog formed by taking deep drags onto the tongue’s rear ridge part without swallowing it down instead puffing these back up.

French Inhale:

The fancy French Inhale will have you look like a true boss. It requires making proper “O” shape and carefully inhaling through your nostrils, which opens up the passage for allowing smoke to crawl inside nasal holes coming back out of it.

Dragon Trick :

With clenched teeth, let away an ample amount of smoky fog down sideways with roaring sounds.

Analyze environmental conditions

Before performing make sure that the stage is set right; some environments work much better than the others .
+ Ideal locations are windy or humid sites due to negligible winds resistance while blowing rings.
+ Do this indoors only if there isn’t any fan or air conditioner on lest they’ll blow over clouds.

Effects of Smoking Tricks

  • These tricks may seem entertaining yet don’t distract from knowing Still smoking cigarettes put one at risk to multiple health hazards such as respiratory problems
  • Smoking can lead smokers’ lips and fingers to get stained yellow which ruins beauty in long run.

Smoke shapes & Their Patterns


An atomiser-style cloud involves exhaling vapors onto sharpened edges creating funnels resembling tornadoes.


Bullrings represent huge circles as blown using light intensity merely pressing lips slightly upshifts each other.

Double Ring Shots

What’s better than one ring? Overlapping two fogs by doubling them forming gorgeous scales.

### Triangles/ Trifecta shots
This calls for smart hands coordinating actions altogether Time ’em all. Strategic oscillate movements create exquisite looking triangles formed on their own.

Indulging into smoking might be harmful but acknowledge learning innovative skills inevitably rocks your world got u hooked? No need now no need rising death rates push buds towards more unconventional methods inducing vaping running lighter risks Thoroughly utilize prescribed techniques implore these simple tricks. Learn how to help craft mesmerizing patterns with the fingers, and voila!

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