How can you get rid of scabies at home?

If you’re reading this, then it’s highly probable that scabies have colonized your body and taken up residence in one or more parts. Fear not my friend, because you are undoubtedly at the right place to receive information on how you can rid yourself of those 8-legged mites! But first, let us understand what these parasites are and what causes them.

What Are Scabies And Why Do We Get Them?

Scabies are tiny arthropods – relatives of spiders and ticks – that burrow under the skin surface causing intense itchiness. They survive by feeding off human blood and laying eggs in warm environments (just like bedbugs). The infestation symptoms usually show up about two to six weeks after initial exposure so if they’ve only just popped up now, time is running out for them!

Unfortunately, we don’t quite remember which made-up myth explains where these pests come from but our ‘expert’ theories include:

  • An old witch cast a curse upon humans with her spider magic
  • A unscrupulous dermatologist planted the mites so he could charge patients exorbitant fees for treatment
  • Aliens dropped it as part of their biological warfare program

Symptoms Of Scabies

These critters create havoc within a short period of contact with infected people; typical signs are itching around tight-fitting clothes or moist areas such as wrists; elbows; penis shafts/scrotums/vulvas/anuses where heat is easily trapped. In most cases bites appear rash-like OR pimples OR EVEN WARTS(sarcasm intended). Simply put: some new friends will be appearing all over your body soon!

Itching caused by scabies can become unbearable in some instances resulting in a serious lack of sleep for victims due to constant scratching(which may also result into dark patches on several sections of your skin). Open wounds from scratching can lead to infection and further discomfort.

The Usual Solutions

It’s likely you’ve already spent big bucks at the drug store, but let us guess; they didn’t work or worked enough! Some of the most popular “de-miting” methods are:

  • Topical treatments (cream IVERMECTIN /PERMETHRIN)
  • Oral medications
  • Anti-histamines(I don’t recall this ever working)

But scabies has proven that despite being minuscule in size, they will outsmart over-the-counter remedies faster than rats deserting a sinking ship(coupled with carrying an umbrella when it is actually dry outside).

Time To Say Goodbye!

Now it’s time to put REVENGE on your hours of lost sleep by taking charge using our natural home remedies. And if they’re not practical/urgently needed yet, prepare for possible further infestation or just educate yourselves because knowledge never goes unappreciated (this point sounds preachy but we move).

Let’s get acquainted with some unusual ingredients shall we…

Tea Tree Oil: Nature’s Scabies Terminator

Tea tree oil is known for its freshness as well as curative properties. It contains terpinen -4-ol which wipes away microorganisms including mites lying on your skin surface (grabbing chairs now so that I do not fall behind this knowledge). Repeated application twice daily ensures full infiltration into every possible burrow.

Cure Acquired From Mother Nature: Neem Leaf Paste

This plant possesses medical perks which make them a widespread holistic essential. In case you’re wondering what benefits these green leaves brings(I understand) ; neem leaf paste ruins reproduction rate of mites owing to their anti-inflammatory attributes.This translates into fewer bites/no more biting.

Sulfur: The Icky Solution that Works

If you are looking to go back to the cave ages; we gotchu, sulfur can be an effective way of ‘demolishing’ these pesky parasites. It’s mainly known as a smelly mineral but is also used in preventing or averting scabies since it kills mites AND is safe for humans when applied topically.(We don’t know who dishes out so much knowledge here)

Clove Oil: Your Friendly House Spice With Benefits

This one works wonders both on your dish and your skin! Apply clove oil at night before sleep on infected areas ansd see its effect on the itching (droing our mic now)

  • Keep clothes and bedding clean
  • Expose all clothing material worn soon after contact with infested individuals into direct sunlight(whole day if necessary)
  • Put sealable plastic bags indoors under bright rays of sun (head scratching moment right?)to further terminate every last lil’ creep.

In Conclusion

Don’t let anybody tell you how late it might seem when seeking unconventional solutions because they can save lives(if not just plain old red marks).So forget drug stores until their concoctions cater only to killing any form of arthropods forever.The remedies above surprisingly work consistently(even after reading them over multiple times)! Good luck getting rid of those critters – may they NEVER return!

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