How can you get an enlarged heart?

Ah, the heart. A vital organ for staying alive and also a symbol of love. But did you know that your heart can actually become enlarged? Yes, it’s true, and no, it’s not because you’ve been loving too hard.

What is an Enlarged Heart?

Before we dive into how to get one (don’t worry, we won’t actually be telling you how to intentionally harm yourself), let’s first answer the question: what is an enlarged heart?

An enlarged heart or cardiomegaly occurs when your heart gets bigger than its normal size due to various reasons such as high blood pressure, genetic factors or diseases like diabetes or coronary artery disease. An individual with an enlarged heart may experience symptoms like shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat and swelling in legs among others.

Why Would Someone Want One?

Now here comes the real question – why on earth would anyone want an enlarged heart? While there are some cases where certain medical procedures require artificially enlarging the heart temporarily for surgery purposes; but there’s definitely nothing desirable about having a permanently larger-than-normal-sized beating machine inside your chest! So let’s stop joking around and learn more about what could cause this serious health issue instead.

Risk Factors Associated With Enlarged Hearts

Several underlying conditions increase the chances of developing cardiomegaly:

  • High Blood Pressure: often called as silent killer hypertension puts extra stress on cardiac muscles increasing their size.
  • Coronary Artery Disease: cholesterol build-up in inner walls makes arteries narrow reducing blood flow which causes Hypertrophy(enlargement) over time
  • Viral Infections: flus etc.,
  • Alcoholism, Cocaine Use & other substance abuse
  • Congenital Abnormalities/Genetics: Some people are born with hearts that are larger than usual while sometimes individuals inherit mutated genes that cause an enlarged heart
  • Heart Valve Issues: when a valve in the heart is malfunctioning, the organ needs to work harder and grow bigger than usual over time

Symptoms of Enlarged Hearts

If you experience any of these symptoms – please reactive your common sense and consult with your healthcare provider at once.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness or Fainting:(because passing out randomly/not being able to think straight can be humerus)
  • Rapid irregular heartbeat (seriously don’t try this one)
  • Swelling in legs, ankles, feet or abdomen as well as cough (due to water collecting around lungs)

It’s needless to say that none of them should be ignored. Your heart is not something worth taking for granted.

Warning against Self-Diagnosing!

Just like confused selfies highlighting holiday snaps do not make up reason enough for marrying itinerant Shepherds met on social media – self-diagnosis can never replace medical opinion! All joke aside; If you ever ‘feel’ anything going on with your beating engine, go get some expert advice from qualified health professionals/ doctors/neighbours. It’s always better safe than sorry. Don’t hesitate due to available facilities either – telemedicine has been aiding people in accessing care from a distance since …forever now…

Treatment Approaches

Assuming we’ve scared you all enough by now (and if we haven’t then congratulations, because evidently nothing does), let’s move onto what can actually help treat cardiomegaly:


The first line of treatment are medications like ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers that lower blood pressure along with other drugs treating underlying conditions contributing towards hypertrophy including those regulating cholesterol levels.

Medical Procedures & Devices

Following medicines there are surgical procedures such as implantable cardioverter-defibrillator which is inserted under the skin sending an electrical signal to regulate heartbeat rhythms.

There are also device-assisted therapies Heliotherapy and Left Ventricular Assist Device among other medical procedures which enhance cardiac function in different ways.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes including a healthy diet, regular physical activity/ exercise schedule & cutting out smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke can go a long way for both preventing as well as treating several underlying causes of cardiomegaly.

Bottom Line

An enlarged heart is something you should never try getting intentionally- trust me I’ve tried – it’s kind of really painful;
but humor aside delaying getting proper diagnoses could definitely compromise your overall health leading towards severer complications culminating into even heart failure ehem..‘Boss’ ..pheeww we said it! So listen to what your body has to say and don’t ignore it when comes down Heart matters…

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